Kristen Stewart Is Handling Split From Robert Pattinson in Exactly the Right Way

kstewIt's been a rough year for Kristen Stewart. Branded a "Trampire" after a cheating scandal that left boyfriend Robert Pattinson heartbroken, she couldn't salvage their once hot and heavy relationship no matter how hard she tried. She was recently dumped a few months after their shaky reconciliation. While most of us would be cowering under the covers full of regret, Kristen has chosen to boldly move past her mistakes in the best possible way -- KStew is partying hard.

On June 16, she was spotted hanging out on top of the bar at the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Memphis, Tennessee. Please note, that was on top of the bar, not leaning on it. According to a source, she walked in with friends at about 1 a.m., drank a beer, took a shot of Jack Daniels, and played pool. She apparently even won a few games. Other night owls described her as "very nice" and "cool", and she introduced herself by saying, "Oh hi, I'm Kristen." It's as though the once awkward, shy Twilight star has transformed into a whimsical, fun party girl.

Just a week before that, she was spotted having a blast at a Hooters in Amarillo, Texas. This may all seem uncharacteristic of the actress, but I totally understand the change. In fact, this is the best thing she can do right after a messy split. Though fans may blame her for the downfall of that famed romance with RPattz, it has been just as hard on her as on him. She carries the lion's share of the regret and guilt of it and understandably so.

Breakups are hard, no matter who you are. The best thing she can do is to do things that can help take her mind off of everything. She is hitting the town with friends and seems to be having a blast. She's young, rich, beautiful. She should be having the time of her life -- with or without Rob.

Do you think Kristen has moved on?


Image via Alexis/Flickr

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nonmember avatar margie dezarn

she should move on an let Rob get on with his life she has caused him enough heartbreak he deserves to b happy his self once a cheater always a cheater

nonmember avatar sully

Give me a break. She made 1 mistake. From all that I've heard, he's not without a roving heart. Stop punishing her.She's young and vulnerable.

nonmember avatar Guest

What makes you so sure it was all her. FYI the cayote ugly bar is for dancing. Their servers and bartender dance on the bar. Kristen is not the only person that has stood on that bar. I don't understand your intent to mislead. What makes you think it wasn't her that ended the relationship. Aren't you tired of always slighting her? I'm sure tired of many dumping on her. Quit your patronizing preaching already.

David Elaine Lisle

So its ok for him to keep a phonebook full of former leading ladies he has been kickin it with wherever he goes ..including photos of him rolling in the grass and making out with one of them but that's ok but Kristen makes one error and she is the biggest tramp on the planet. Talk about a double standard. He is a stallion and she is a hoe??...funny how that works huh? Broken heart my butt! The man has always been a skirt chaser. Every time they had a fight he took off to some broads house. Remember how he ran to Reese's last time and this time He ran to Katy?? Funny how she is a hoe but he is a poor broken hearted victim...NOT! Wise up people ..he is the one who is a tramp and Kristen put up with it for way too long. he didn't even hide it! I don't blame her for getting tired of his BS!

Tracey Bown Riley

i am happy for kristen move on her life robert waste of time robert run katy perry but too late robert bec katy go bk wiv john now 

Michelle Chapman

yay david............i was thinking the exact same thing, bout time somebody said what needed to be said. Rob is no angel by far, everybody wants to point the finger at kristen but yet nobody is really reading between the lines about how rob is WOW!!!!!!!!!! I have respect for kristen she keeps to herself, rob talks about being private, looks to me he loves the spotlight and loves showing how its ok for him to be kissing and making out with other girls while he is SUPPOSEBLY trying to patch things up with kristen...........AT LEAST SHE IS HONEST AND ADMITS TO HER MISTAKES............u go girl, show em what u got and who cares what others think or say, i'm right there with u

Sandie M. Howey

I do not believe she has move on, I think she want all of us to believe she has.  she is hurting and trying to keep busy to forget.  I hope they can find themselves back together again.  they are soul mates and very young.  They just need time, and the rest of the world to leave them alone.

good luck

seely... seely1979

I agree Rob is a jerk.  It will take Kristen a long time to get over Rob. There is never an easy way to end a relationship. It is like a part of her died. She will needs to take her time. I hope her the best. No one should have to be put through what she has endured for her mistake. Rob is a fool to think he is going to do better with Katy Perry. His mommy will not approve of her either. I think Kristen got a better deal not having to put up with Rob's stuck up family anymore.

nonmember avatar auj

Maybe she could do something constructive like charity work, you know, helping other people less well off than she is.

Bobbye Smith

Kristin's nutty fans are at it again. If you think Rob is a jerk and kissing women, dating Katy Perry. Show us your proof. Rob is a better person than most men. He took this young woman back after her. "momentary indescresion." Although I think it was a contractual obligation that they both had to fullfil. He was humiliated and called spineless and whimp. His family and friends and his fans were very angry at him. He has never said anything mean or bad about Kristen. I don't think Rob is a saint by no means. He is an English gentleman. I think he and Kristen will always be friends. I hope that both of them much success. Kristens fans you cannot make Rob and Kristen be a couple. So back off. Let these people live for change. Their lives do not belong to you and most of all stop being so nasty with your comments. It makes you look small and ignorant.

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