'50 Shades of Grey' Director Is One Step Closer to Finding Her Perfect Christian Grey

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aaron johnson actorAs soon as it was announced that Sam Taylor-Johnson would direct the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, we were all curious if there was a chance she might end up hiring someone verrry close to home to play Christian Grey. As in her 23-year-old husband, Aaron Johnson, who has starred in films like Kick Ass and Anna Karenina and bears a striking resemblance to a young Johnny Depp. He seemed like a potential shoo-in! Until now.

A rep for Johnson confirmed to USA Today that "Aaron is not doing Fifty Shades of Grey." Further supporting that statement, Indiewire.com reported that a WME agent said the actor is "going to be the supportive father by staying at home this fall to take care of the couple's two kids," while Sam takes charge of the movie. Aawww! So sweet. Not to mention ... what a relief!

Can you imagine if Aaron had stepped in to sweep the role out from under Ian/Matt/Ryan/fill-in-the-blank-every-actor-in-Hollywood's rug? Not only would fans have been infuriated, but I'm sure it would have really left a bad taste in many qualified actors' mouths if the director had been allowed to handpick her husband for the coveted part.

What's more, it's probably best that Taylor-Johnson direct someone who isn't her spouse in the part. After all, no matter how toned down the script comes out compared to the book, there are going to be some steamy-as-hell scenes that no one -- no matter how professional or artistic or liberal -- would likely want to watch their lover acting out with someone else! (Oh, sure you may argue that plenty of directors have done it, but the most recent one that comes to my mind is Sam Mendes, who directed then-wife Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road, and we saw how well that worked!!)

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Yes, best that our on-screen Christian Grey be as far removed from the father of Taylor-Johnson's kids as possible! What a relief that he's out of the running! Now, back to the drawing board, folks -- and let's get this film cast already.

Are you happy to hear Aaron Johnson won't play Christian?

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peach... peachpies

Aaron doesn't fit the part anyway. Henry Cavill is hands down the man for this role! The true representation of Mr. Grey :)

Brittany N Odell Willis

I mean hands down!!! lol As long as he gets to keep his accent <3


Conny Brabbs

Ian Somerhalder is the perfect CG..please please let it be Ian

Amber Marie Ramos

I vote for Ian Somerhalder as well :3 I think he'd fit the part perfectly!

Jessica Renee

This guy is cute, I watched him on that weird movie called Savages, he is a good looking guy but glad she didn't pick him. That wouldn't have been fair considering everyone already has favorites and actors are already wanting that role ever since the talk of the movie being made started. And my CG is Ian, have pictured him since day 1 every time I read it.

Jessica JaLea

MATT BOMER!!!! should play christian grey.......

Debra Anduaga

At least they are using their heads on that one. Now listen to me IAN SOMERHALDER is the only one for this role. Please Ian Somerhalder must be Christian Grey the man is talented he has what it takes he oozes sex with one look he can melt any women with those eyes and that mouth that body need I say more. Cast him and start filming!!

Alice Marquart

Ian or Matt only please.



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