Holly Madison Finally Engaged to Boyfriend Pasquale Rotella

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Holly MadisonBreak out the bubbly and grab your skimpiest bikini for a good ol' Playboy-tastic celebration: Holly Madison is engaged! The new mother to baby Rainbow Aurora dished the news yesterday on her official blog, confirming that she's engaged to fiance Pasquale Rotella. First comes baby, now comes marriage! A little backward, but hey, Madison seems to be ecstatic.

"My fiance was so wonderful in creating such a romantic night!" Madison gushed. "He proposed to me at the top of the Ferris wheel at EDC Las Vegas."

Ha! I mean, to each her own. EDC Las Vegas (Electric Daisy Carnival) is one helluva party. And while I personally may want things to be a little less crazy for my big moment, it seems the whole thing was right up Madison's alley. And um hello -- Holly's engagement ring! That's a finger full of bling if I've ever seen one!

Seems to me like Holly is finally getting the fairy tale she always wanted ... one that's much better than her days with Hugh Hefner.

Madison and Hefner broke up back in 2008 after he told her that the two of them would never wed or have children. Granted, I'm sure there are a whole slew of other issues when you're dating a guy that has two other girlfriends -- but that's what the Playboy lifestyle is all about.

Now, it seems like Holly knows her worth. She's fallen in love with a man who genuinely cares about her and whom she's already started a family with. Now, I'm excited to see what's next for the Peepshow star. Supposedly Madison plans to get married in August (fast!) and something tells me we'll see another pregnancy announcement soon after that.

Are you excited to hear Holly's big news?

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Mrs.B... Mrs.Burke11

Congrats to them! I wish them the best.

masastan masastan

It may be a little backwards to you but it isn't for many of us mothers. Please be careful of the words you choose. You have no right to shame any of us for choosing to live our lives OUR way. And NO ONE, I mean NO ONE should marry because of the child/ren because then it is for all the WRONG reasons and it won't last. I don't really know who this person is, but congrats to her on her engagment and her baby.

happy... happy41ce

awe congrats to them!! and to @masastan ** your comment is ignorant seeing as how E! News just reported the other day that more and more celebs are making it okay to have a baby before marriage. No where did she SHAME anyone in this article..it seems like you turned this around and are ashamed of something yourself ;)


my husband and i decided to have a baby before we got married, we were engaged but had so much going on at the time that it was easier ( and cheaper) to have a baby before we got married, we had PLANNED yes planned a baby after we got engaged and then bought a house 6 months before the baby was due, a year and a half later we had our wedding...so just because you THINK its backwards doesnt actually mean that you are supposed to by some sort of religious or society based ways that you actually HAVE to be married to have a child...there are well respected and good people ( like myself) in this world that CHOOSE to do things a little differently...its not wrong, or backwards, its our choice...

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