Sean Lowe's Inability to Do One Simple Thing Is Why He'll Marry Catherine Sooner Than Later


Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Ever since they got engaged on the season finale of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have insisted that they plan on getting married as soon as possible because they can't wait to settle down and start the next phase of their lives together.

And even though their original plan for a summer wedding seems to have been pushed back by a few months, it does sound like they're planning on tying the knot in the near future -- which is pretty fast considering they've only been engaged since March.

Seriously, what's the big rush? Well, it may be simpler than we think -- and no, it's not because they're dying to seal the deal and finally get busy between the sheets. It's because apparently Sean Lowe can't spell Catherine Giudici's name, let alone pronounce it correctly.

This isn't a joke -- Catherine was actually the one who put the word out there by tweeting about Sean's little vocabulary problem. She said, "Sean Lowe, yes my fiancé, does not know how to pronounce nor spell my full name."


And Sean was pretty honest in his Twitter response to his lady love: "It's a tough spell."

(That it is, Sean. Give my job a whirl and you'll have it down in no time.)

OMG. The poor dude. You know he has to be counting down the days until she drops Giudici and changes her name to Lowe -- which is way, way easier to spell, say, monogram on bathrobes, and everything in between.

I mean, no wonder these two can't wait to tie the knot! If my groom-to-be couldn't say or spell my name right, I'd probably be in a hurry to get rid of it and make things official as well. There's really nothing more embarrassing than having the man you intend to spend the rest of your life with stumble over his words when trying to address you by name.

But in the meantime, at least Catherine's first name is a real no-brainer. As long as he doesn't have to interact with any of her family members before the big day, it should be smooth sailing until he says, "I do."

Do you think it's cute that Sean can't say or spell "Giudici"?


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nonmember avatar Jag

I have no idea nor understanding of why an intelligent man like Sean would not learn how to spell & pronounce Catherine's last name. I really don't think it is something to make a joke of. Think about it Sean! I think it is terrible, not funny.

nonmember avatar Kristen Fitzger

He doesnt seem that intelligent to me....average intelligence, IMO. And still..he should be able to spell her last name.....sheesh. lol

nonmember avatar Carey Giudici

"JOO-de-chee" :) Gaya, her sisters stopped worrying about the way it gets slaughtered years ago, so there's no reason for anyone else to fuss. And I'm sure Sean was just making fun of himself a bit.

Elaine Kinson

I don't think Sean is taking it seriously. I think His just making fun of it to tease or annoy Catherine. Sean is very articulate and smart guy , you can tell it by his choices especially on qualities of a woman He likes. It takes a smart ,real man to see a lady, a good one for keeps, and that's Catherine.

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