'Full House' Star Jodie Sweetin Splits From Her 3rd Husband After Just 1 Year

Jodie SweetinAt just 31 years of age, Jodie Sweetin has been married three times, and now it looks like she's on her way to racking up a third divorce as well. Today, the Full House actress filed for a legal separation from her husband, Morty Coyle.

It was just over a year ago that the couple got married in March 2012. Coyle stood by her side during her battle with crystal meth and alcohol, and it seemed like the troubled life she'd led since her days as Stephanie Tanner were looking bright. So this news is especially sad.

To end a marriage after just a little more than a year, we can only guess that things weren't good for long. According to TMZ, she cited the standard "irreconcilable differences," when she filed, which tells us little. As for how this separation is affecting her, a source told Us Weekly that she's doing okay.

She seems in good spirits. She's sober still so she's in way better shape than last time. It's definitely true. I guess it's not working out.

So that's good at least. Hopefully she can stay strong through this trying time, if for no other reason than her children, including 5-year-old Zoie Herpin (her daughter with ex-husband Cody Herpin) and 2-year-old Beatrix, of whom she's seeking full custody. She's also asking for ownership of their 2000 Toyota Avalon as well as "a 50/50 split of their $200 Kohl's credit card balance," which just seems unbearably tragic that for all her former fame, that's what she's seeking.

Staying in a marriage isn't always the right thing to do, and maybe this is what Jodie needs to do to stay on the positive, sober path she's been on in recent years. Hopefully, though, after three failed marriages, she will proceed with caution in the love department as she goes forward.

Are you surprised to learn that Jodi Sweetin is getting divorced again?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

She wants a 2000 Toyota and to split a $200 balance. Oh my, that is sad.

nonmember avatar becky

dear author, do you feel better about yourself by belittleing jodie sweetin for her 13 year old car or $200 mall card? sorry we cant all sit on our duffs all day making the big bucks by judging someone else for past mistakes. she messed up but got through it. not all women need a man to hang onto. and if she stays straight edge she deserves more respect.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Someone needs to explain the word BOYFRIEND to this girl! 3 divorces? Time to invest in some serious therapy, focus on your kids, and pledge not to marry again until they're grown. She's probably good at a lot of things, but choosing mates isn't one of them, and her kids are getting old enough that the revolving door needs to be nailed shut for a good long time.

Cumi Krusher

Her substance addiction, too many baggage and whatever issues she had that led to the destructive behavior -- she's never dealt with the issues. It does not matter what relationship she's in. It will never work UNLESS she deals with the issues. Therapy, whatever it takes.

Jodie Sweetin Splits from her 3rd Husband Morty Coyle, Reason Revealed HERE



IHear... IHeartCake

The most important thing is that the children are in a stable and loving home.  There's no need to say anything about her for having a car that's a 2000 model.  That's what I have, and it's just fine.  And only $200 debt, that's not so bad.  Stay strong and focus on your children, girl.

hexxuss hexxuss

I wish her luck - sometimes when someone helps you through a major ordeal, you realize afterwards that the ordeal was really all that tied you to them.  I'm glad I'm not reading that she's millions in debt or living way beyond her means.  Sounds like she's more sensible now, I hope she finds what she's looking for in life.

nonmember avatar Jen

Acutually im kinda more suprized she was a meth head. I watched Full house like clock work when i was younger. its amazing how some of the stars of that show turned out to be druggies really sad

imamo... imamombygrace

I hope all works out for her. She seems like she is really trying hard to get her life in order.

Melan... MelanieJK

Why on earth don't people get their lives together BEFORE they even consider having kids?    Forcing innocent little kids to suffer through your failures and additions is the height of selfishness.

nonmember avatar Marcie

Her role was Kimmy Gibbler. Stephanie was Candace Cameron. Two different people. :) whoops!

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