'Bachelorette' Recap: Ben Is a Saint Compared to Some of Desiree Hartsock's Other Suitors

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Desiree Hartsock

Good grief. I never thought I'd say this -- but poor Desiree Hartsock. Seriously. Could the dudes on her season get any worse? OMG. Sure, there's always a jerk or two thrown into the mix for whoever happens to be The Bachelorette -- but Des has more than her fair share of losers.

And tonight, just when we thought Ben was going to be exposed as the dude who was really there for the wrong reasons, he actually managed to come off looking like on of the classiest guys in the bunch -- despite his little "Let's get drunk!" comment upon driving away in the limo. Am I the only one who found that a bit endearing? (Crickets.)

Whether he was truly there for Des or solely to promote his bar business -- Ben certainly handled himself like more of a gentleman than Michael on the two-on-one-date. What kind of dude acts like a total confrontational a**hat on a date with The Bachelorette and winds up getting the rose anyway? (What was she thinking?)

Geez. They honestly couldn't have cast a more pathetic group of suitors for this gal. First, a couple episodes ago, Brian's girlfriend crashes the party and exposes him as a cheater. And then Bryden shows up on Des' one-on-one date with Chris for the sole purpose of sending himself home -- making himself look like the biggest jerk in the history of the show. What the heck? Couldn't he wait an hour or two to let her enjoy her day? (There are plenty of decent joints to suck back a beer to kill time in Munich. Just sayin'.)

Back to Michael, who is obviously more concerned with the other guys in the house than he is about forming a love connection with Des. (Hello awkward. Maybe he's on the wrong show?)

And what about the whole deal with James supposedly saying he wants to be the next Bachelor? (WTF?) Guess we'll have to wait until next week to see how his story plays out -- but it's not lookin' good.

Um, this is the worst bunch of Bachelorette guys we've ever seen. And unfortunately for Des, it doesn't look like things are going to improve very much as the process continues.

If she's really as smart as she seems, she'll stick with Brooks and Chris and forget about the rest of the guys in the bunch. As of now, they're the only two who seem like they genuinely like her for who she is -- not because she's The Bachelorette.

Do you think all of the remaining guys are in this for Des?


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hexxuss hexxuss

Ben showed his true colours after the date - never liked the guy.  I just hope she winds up with the last few NOT being totally mental... poor girl. 

Sunny Rowe

I think the boys who were supposed to step up and talk with her didn't have the cajones to get it done...so dump James, Drew and Kasey. Disgusting!  Love Brooks and Chris.. and even our little oil rigger is growing on me.  I agree in wondering if there is anything that says "vavoom" about any of them... she needs someone smart, funny, loyal and with some personality.  Too much kissing, not enough fun stuff being shown.  How can we know these guys when they edit out the stuff that would endear them to us - like her date with Chris. She said she had a fun day! Really? Aside from the idiot with no sense of decency (I speak of Brydon) what was fun about it?  Yawn...

Sunny Rowe

Oh yeah... and the DA from Florida who was supposed to handle everything about "revealing" Ben. Puhhhleeeze...    As for Ben, I got very tired of him talkign about beng a solid "Christian", not being interested in Easter, nor his son... and only his (just ask him) good looks. And using his son as a ploy.. no, no, no!  I say thumbscrews for him all the way back to his precious bars...


nonmember avatar alexis

i bet des was thinking of tierra (sorry if I spelled the name wrong) in the back of her mind and wondering, "we tried to tell sean about tierra and it didnt work maybe the guys are telling the truth

nonmember avatar Lilo

Bryden was my favorite so I was sad to see him go! Yeah, he should have waited...

Marie Grant Nicholson

I also think this is the worse Bacheloreyye season ever & I've watched every one .These guys are terrible & Des isn't doing that good either .So far I like Chris if she had any sense she would pick the two she thinks she has love for & send rest home.This season is Boring !!1

Mike Cobb

There's a lot of B__S__ here! I can relate to Bryden completely. A relationship will stagnate if it isn't nurtured. After those first dates with Des and no follow-up from her, that relationship was doomed to fail. You will note that Des took pains to nurture her relationship with Brooks.
In no way did Bryden's leaving the show come as a shock to Des. If in fact it wasn't exactly what she wanted, it was that she just didn't give a rip what Bryden did. She just didn't want to be the one who took the blame for his leaving. He had told her the week before what he was feeling and thinking. She knew what was on his mind. She knew what she could have done to rectify the situation ... BUT she chose to do nothing! She did not give him one more minute of time, which was really all that was needed. Desiree definitely lost points with me this week.
Further, any normal ... repeat, NORMAL ... man is going to have great difficulty forming deep feelings for a female who is still playing Backseat Bingo with multiple other men. And a genuine commitment is out of the question. Bryden was the only grown mature man there. He was in complete control of his emotions, and was the only man still thinking with a clear head. And he had the stones to take action based on a valid assessment of his situation. Des blew it letting him get away.
I vote for Bryden to be the next Bachelor. The maturity he demonstrates is a breath of fresh air for a show that has long gone stale.

Samfan97 Samfan97

I am with Marie - this season is like watching paint dry. I predict poor Des will not find love among this bunch if self-serving losers.

nonmember avatar Nikki

We all know this show is scripted. It's just a matter of which things are more scripted than others. The producers TOLD Bryden to interrupt the date..to create some drama. I wish the producers would just let things happen as they are supposed to and keep their noses out of it. Let Desiree choose who SHE wants to go on the dates. The next Bachelor needs to get some cajones and tell the producers he will choose who HE wants to choose...or walk away. That's the only way this show is going to be more authentic. As for James, I'm not convinced he's a bad apple yet. Lots of editing going on.

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