Chris Brown Accused of Assaulting Another Woman


Chris Brown has been accused of assaulting a woman -- and this time it's not Rihanna. It's not even his rumored current (and ex) girlfriend Karrueche Tran. It's another girl, one who was apparently in a nightclub with him, when he reportedly pushed her down -- deliberately, she claims. The woman, Deanna Gines, who kind of looks like a Rihanna/Karrueche hybrid, says that when Brown pushed her, she fell hard to her knees and may require surgery.

Reportedly 24-year-old Gines was with Chris in the VIP area of a club where he had just performed. The bar was about to close when Brown apparently knocked her to the ground. She helpfully offers up a selfie of her leaning on crutches, wearing a leg brace.

Chris denies the allegations, writing on Twitter, "I didn't do anything." Of courrrrrse you didn't, Chris! (This tweet must have been deleted.)

Gines filed a police report and they are looking into it. Obviously, this is a he said-she said until more information comes to light. Chris does have a history of not only violence against women, but of being a jerk in general. There's that nightclub brawl with Drake; his rant against a valet; his "art" murals that he refuses to take off his home even though they're scaring children.

On the other hand, since Chris does have such a reputation, it would be fairly easy for anyone to throw themselves to the ground and scream that Chris did it, hoping for a payout.

But honestly ... can anyone see this NOT happening? You hear that someone like, say, Tom Hanks knocked a girl to the ground and you think, "Hell no!" You hear Chris Brown and think, "No doubt." Chris has himself to blame for that -- and not just because of what happened with Rihanna, but for how childish he's acted since then.

Do you think he did it?


Image via JoelTelling/Flickr

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Damerius Fitzpatrick

I smell a law suit. how do she know it was even him who did this to her?

Annie Mae

I thought the comparison to Tom Hanks was racist. You could have easily said a man of the same race like Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, or many other black males. So don't act like a Tom Hanks, white male is the only type of man one would not believe would hit a woman.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think she should get the video surveillance, and prove it was him... but mostly, I just don't care.  Don't know her, don't know him, and somehow I think my life is better for it.

Mathew Davis

That guy is SUCH an egotistical MESS! I just don't know who the f*** he thinks he is!?!

nonmember avatar BeckyBoo

It has already been reported that her claims was false. She was drunk and tried several times to rush through security to get to the roped off area where Chris Brown was and was never successful. The injuries she has are a result of her stumbling and falling while drunk.

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