'Bachelorette' Suitor James Case Just Spoiled the Finale for Us (SPOILERS)

desiree hartsock james caseFor a production that's so worked up about keeping its results highly confidential and top-secret until the finale airs, The Bachelorette doesn't appear to be doing such a fabulous job keeping some participants' lips sealed. James Case, whose one-on-one date with Desiree Hartstock last week entailed touring the damage Hurricane Sandy wreaked on the Jersey Shore, spoke with Zap2It and dished a wee bit more than you think would be "legal" as far as ABC's concerned. In fact, he all but spilled who wins Des's heart!

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead! Do NOT read if you don't want to know the results of this season's Bachelorette finale! Do NOT continue reading if you don't want to know who Des picks! You have been warned!

Not exactly tiptoeing around the truth, James revealed:

I think [Desiree is] a smart girl, and I think she's going to pick the person that fits her. If I had to pick, it might be Brooks.

Oh, reeeally? "Might be," eh? So. Not. Stealthy.

This info from James comes on the heels of basketcase Brandon's admission that:

Hands down, every time I would see Des look at Brooks -- you could just tell. You were just like, 'Wow, she really likes him.' He was the one I absolutely thought from the get-go that if it wasn't going to be me, it was hopefully going to be him.

I love that these two are rooting for Brooks and seem genuinely happy for Des finding the one -- even if it wasn't them. But are they really allowed to be mouthing off like this mid-season? Are we just supposed to assume that they may be taking "stabs" at who it's going to be? Come on! They were there. And all the other signs -- and spoilers! -- point to Brooks, too.

Maybe everyone figures viewers won't know for sure what Des is going to do until she gives away that final rose on TV. But given the evidence coming straight from all these horses' mouths, it's pretty clear the way things are going to go.

What do you think about James's revelation? Would you prefer to know who wins ahead of the finale?


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Roberta Howard

We all know it is Brooks anyway... So who cares.


Kelly Pittman

i already know its brooks,i like knowing who is gonna win so i can see the romance blossom ahead of time.

Jennifer Rupp

I know it's Brooks, but Chris seems like a really good guy.


Melody Turner

i really prefer it be Chris but if it is Brooks then its ok too!

Vickie L Kennedy

It does not matter who she pic as long as they are happy with one of another ....

Sandra Blake

It could be 'leaked' on purpose.  But who knows.  I like James. Of course we dont see what the rest of them see.  Just what the producers want us to see.  I'll be glad when its over and dancing with the stars is back o.  this was not a good season for bachelorette.  Boring.  Des is abeautiful girl, just very young.

Jahan Dorzada

I think her and Brooks would be super cute together. They kind of look alike too!

Jane Hagood

I think alot of this is all hype because the ratings are tubing, to boost  ratings on the final that they

decided to interject  well what if Brooks decides he's not ready and we make it look like he walks

Viewers will tune in.

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