Ian Somerhalder Confesses the Truth About Being Cast as Christian Grey

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ian somerhalderIn the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey movie buzz heating up after Sam Taylor-Johnson was tapped as director, Ian Somerhalder has put his two cents in. When asked recently by Metro Online who he thinks will play Christian Grey (ha, cuz that's not a loaded question!), he responded, "It could be anyone -- that's how it goes."

Oh, reeeeally, Ian?! You mean you don't already have the coveted role in the bag?

I'm loving that he's trying to be modest, but there's no doubt in my mind the man's been relishing all the attention -- from the press and the fans pushing for him to be cast. He even admitted it in this interview, noting, "One can never get bored of people asking about a huge project." Ha! Yup, he is LOVING this race for the role! And how much you wanna bet that, at least in his mind, he's already been the first to cross the finish line?

Still, he's wise to draw the line and choose his words more carefully, since it's getting REAL now. He's smart to say things like, "Every guy in Hollywood is up for this role." Because, well, it's true! And if he doesn't even come close to being the ultimate choice, he doesn't want to look like a complete fool, amirite?

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Let's face it: As much backing as he has, the most coveted part in Hollywood right now is anyone's game. And even if he is in the running, Ian's better off playing it cool than cocky.

What do you think about Ian's latest remarks? Do you think he has the part in the bag or is it any actor's for the taking?


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Irela... Ireland69

he's really good looking but he doesn't have the body.

nonmember avatar Kate

I don't understand why anyone would want to be in this movie. The books were poorly written even for fanfiction (which is what they were originally), and the movie's going to be a total trainwreck. Sure, it'll make some money from the easily titillated crowd, but it's not something any serious actor should want on his resume.

Laure... Lauren0983

No. He is not Christian. He has so much competition out there. There are guys that are younger and actually have the right look and are just as talented. Ian lacks physically compared to Christian, and is just too old for the part. He could play Jack Hyde though.

nonmember avatar rita

non ha il corpo ma lo avete visto è vecchio ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh è piu giovane di lui di altri attori che potrebbero fare sto film perchè piu giovani non dite cavolate per favore

nonmember avatar guest

If you watch Ian as Damon TVD, you can see that he would be perfect for that role. Also He is stunningly beautiful with the most piercing hypnotizing Eyes ever, exactly the description of CG, also he is not too old he looks a lot younger than his age and has a gorgeous toned body to. CG is not described as a muscle Man.He is also a fantastic Actor.

nonmember avatar Laura

Yes he is grey, he looks like a 25 years old man. He could be Christian and have everything

peach... peachpies

Lol Ian does not look 25. He looks his age. I do watch TVD but I do not see Ian as Christian, at all! And the comparison people keep making of Damon and Christian is not really a good thing because people aren't going to be able to see Christian Grey if he plays him. They're going to see Damon Salvatore. Christian is much more than the eyes. He is tall, and intimidating and has a strong physique, broad shoulders and is masculine. He works out everyday - running and kickboxing. Ana calls him a "Greek God". He's not a body builder, but he is has a beautiful muscle toned body and Ian isn't broad and he is a too scrawny. There's better for the role out there.

Annie... Anniegrace

Ian is not Christian Grey. I don't see Christian at all in him. Henry Cavill fits the bill perfectly though :)

Shari Fann

I wish they'd go ahead and cast him, already. I so want to see this movie, and him as Christian.

nonmember avatar Beverly Sisler

Ian is Christian Grey. The only actor who is capable of acting the part of Christian Grey is Ian Somerhalder period!!!!!!!!!!

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