Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Doing Something Most Couples Couldn’t Do

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catelynn and tylerOf all the Teen Mom stars, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra always seemed the most mature and level-headed. No DUIs, wild brawls, or revolving door of lovers for those two. So as they began to plan a July 2013 wedding, we all hoped it would actually happen. Sadly it appears as though it won't. However, fans shouldn't fret too much. The couple is still planning one big collaboration.

Catelynn and Tyler reportedly have a book in the works. I know what you are thinking -- don't we already know everything about them? After all, they are reality TV stars. However, via a tweet, Tyler promised:

...I think you all will be SHOCKED! So many things you guys don't know about us. Excited to share it though.

I'm certainly intrigued. Catelynn added that we didn't get the full story about their relationship problems because of MTV's editing. But I have to wonder, if their romance is on a downward spiral, should they write a memoir together? Can they? If so, that would exhibit a level of maturity and patience that very few other human beings have. That just goes to show they are more evolved than the rest of us.

Though diehard fans probably aren't surprised. While most people their age would have given up on that relationship years ago, they continue to hang in there. They even tried to work through things on VH1's Couples Therapy, but show teasers reveal that Tyler is not sure their love is salvageable. I suppose we will get to read all about that drama and everything else that went on when the cameras were off soon enough.

Will you read Catelynn and Tyler's new memoir?


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poppy... poppymuffin

who are these people?

Amy Jean

@poppymuffin catelynn and tyler are a couple on the MTV show teen mom who put their baby up for adoption and milked MTV and an adoption agency called bethany Christian services for money and lots of it! They made alot of money off of promoting bethany Christian services and speaking at conferences they do this just for money neither of them are in school and they pretend to be all innocent and perfect and pretend like they do nothing wrong but guess what??? Carleton and tyler party smoke weed and drink and BCS is totally against drinking drugs and partying! They were also smoking weed and drinking under aged too! 

Amy Jean

Catelynn**   and also they went on vh1s couples therapy for even more money so basically this couple is only in it for the money and they have an open adoption that needs to be closed on their asses because back in November of 2012 catelynn was caught smoking weed out of a bong at a party and when they were 16 they were both arrested for smoking weed and having weed on them and mind you this was after they put their baby up for adoption this is another reason why the adoption needs to be closed!!!!

mamat... mamatreat

Really Amy? Considering marijuana is legal medically in MI I doubt you have any right to say a damn thing about them. So they party- they gave up their child so the could have that privilege. They made a responsible choice to not have a baby around that environment- one I'm sure their daughter will appreciate one day. I doubt you know these people personally so you probably shouldn't judge. And I'd like to see your proof of them making a ton of money off BCS. Last I checked most of their services are free so I'm not sure how they would pay two kids to promote them.... 

worms... wormspoop

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! They smoke weed, oh the horror!!!!!!!!! Wait I love this comment, "back in November of 2012 catelynn was caught smoking weed out of a bong at a party and when they were 16 they were both arrested for smoking weed and having weed on them and mind you this was after they put their baby up for adoption", lol, at least it wasn't;t while she was prego. They are still very young and they aren't doing this shit in front of their kid as they made the right decision for them to give their baby to a family that was ready and able to care for her. They may not be innocent, but they aren't monsters. I would rather them milk money from dumb businesses willing to pay them, then them milking us tax payers. You sound ridiculous.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Lmao @ Amy's comments! You seem to have a lot of anger towards a couple of people you don't even know! Lol

Spooky80 Spooky80

I really dont care if people disagree with MY OPINION but catelynn and tyler shouldnt be promoting a christian adoption agency thats against drinking, partying and drugs and you know they both pretend to be all innocent, alot of young people look up to them so they shouldnt be drinking, partying and smoking weed and if you dont agree with MY OPINION then thats just too damn bad!

worms... wormspoop

@Spooky- LOL!!!! Guess they should have just aborted instead. 

Veron... VeronicaFoxton

What the hell? Why are you guys jumping all over Amy Jean for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about Cate & Ty? Everything she has said about Cate & Ty is the truth. They are not celebs and never will be. Look at how much money they have from Teen Mom earnings. You guys need to realize that Cate & Ty portray  themselves to be something they are not. They are "supposed" to be sophisticated young college professionals with alot of people looking up to them as role models. In my eyes role models do not do drugs and drink. Role models do not do things just to make money. Role models do not go on a cheesey reality show. It is hypicritical to promote Bethany Christian Services and do drugs. To Cate & Ty it is time to give up the act. You're 15 minutes of fame is up.

worms... wormspoop

I just think it's funny that she's mad at these kids for being kids. And like I said, if these companies want to give them money than that is their decision. Better then living off the government. People who have done drugs or have made bad decisions in the past actually make for better role models as kids will actually listen to them cause they feel like they understand them. Smoking pot is only looked down because it's illegal. If your kid is looking at these two as role modals then you have bigger problems to worry about as people tend to look at people as role modals due to similar circumstances. If Amy is entitled to her opinion then so is everyone else. Compared to a lot of young adults on TV these two are better role modals, at least they know how to conduct themselves in public. 

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