Kristen Stewart's Invitation to Robert Pattinson's Party Must Have Gotten Lost in the Mail

kristen stewart robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson apparently had a rager of a party over the weekend and you and I weren't the only ones whose invitations must have gotten lost in the mail. Kristen Stewart wasn't invited to Rob's party either. I know, right? The gall.

The party was a 1920s, Great Gatsby-inspired soiree, and all the Hollywood cools were there. Warren Beatty, Lisa Zang, and director Nick Jarecki (whom the party was apparently for), to name a few. The bash went until about four in the morning, and RPattz was kind enough to have catered tacos at the event. But nary a sign of a flapper-esque KStew in sight. But don't worry, Twihards. That doesn't mean they're not together. In fact, it may mean just the opposite.

Picture this: You're Kristen Stewart. (I'll wait while you scowl and appear like you generally hate life in order to get into character.) You cheated on Rob a year ago, and after getting back together, you guys have repeated reported fights. You're on, then you're off. Off, then back on again. Would you want to go to that party? That's like walking into a shark tank. I'm sure Rob has done his share of sh*t-talking about KStew to his friends the past few months (as I'm sure she has to hers). Why would she want to go?

And, just to play devil's advo here, maybe Kristen was invited. Maybe Rob was dying for her to come, but she couldn't because she was out of town either shooting a film or finishing up her Hooters tour of America. That's always an option, too. Just because she wasn't there doesn't mean she wasn't invited -- and definitely doesn't mean they're not together. If I were Kristen, I probably wouldn't want to show my face around Rob's bros either.

That said, though, if Kristen and Rob are together and she didn't go to the party because she thinks everyone hates her, they're going to need to nip that crap in the bud. You can't carry on a relationship with someone and only hang out when it's just the two of you. That's not healthy. And quite frankly, that's just weird.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are still together?


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Bridget Eckert

leave them alone i am so tired of these stories...just leave them alone!

Barbara Coleman

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Catherine Corcoran

Yes I do believe that Robert pattinson is still with kristen Stewart

seely... seely1979

Was she even back from her road trip? Did she has somewhere else to be? Rob and Kristen were never tied together at the hip. Why is is so strange that she was not at the party. Was Katy invited? If so that is way Kristen was not. Rob is proving to me that he is a douche bag and troubled person. He was made out to be the sensitive one. He has the ego so big his head will explode one day. I hope Kristen is there.. She can help sweep his career under the carpet. If is was not for her he would not be where he is today. I was a Rob fan. If half of what is printed in the gossip rags is true, I am no longer a fan. Kristen is the only one to be brave enough to say she made a mistake and that she loved Rob. He has never once stood behind her. Just think about it if you truly loved someone you would want the to be happy. He has done nothing but make her unhappy. I was hoping he was different. His kind of man are a dime a dozen. Kristen can do better.

Eowyn375 Eowyn375

Scum bad actor!

Eowyn375 Eowyn375

Agree with you Seely 1979!


Ashley Hayes

no may be he didnt send it  and hes just being a Ass

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