Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Can't Cancel Their Wedding!

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Couples TherapyAccording to the calendar, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra should be in countdown mode for their wedding. The darlings of Teen Mom publicly announced a July 13, 2013 wedding date more than a year ago. But rumor has it Catelynn and Tyler have called off the wedding

Don't believe it?! I know, I don't want to either. But get ready to have your Cateler/Tylynn lovin' hearts broken.

The folks over at say they've talked to a source who says Catelynn and Tyler have put the brakes on wedding planning. The source claims they aren't getting married ... at least not right now.

We all know to take anonymous sources' shocking claims with a grain of salt, but this one seems ... legit? Let's look at the evidence:

1. Big public announcements of wedding dates are never good for celebrities. Just look at the tricks Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been up to to convince people her leaked wedding date was wrong. Unless Catelynn and Tyler want to end up in paparazzi central, shifting the date is a must.

2. They're doing Couples Therapy. That wedding date was announced well before Cate and Ty agreed to go on the VH1 show to work with celebrity therapist Jenn Berman on fixing their relationship, but they did just that. The show has just started, and July 13 falls mid-run, which would essentially void the whole "let's fix these two kids so they can get married" premise. 

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3. Their calendar is blank on the 13th. The couple's website has been updated recently, according to Catelynn, and if you look, the calendar has every episode of Couples Therapy listed. What it doesn't have is a big "We're Getting Married!" announcement.

4. Tyler has promised to shock us. He recently Tweeted to fans that they will be "shocked" by what's to come for him and for Catelynn. What's more shocking than a cancelled wedding?

5. Catelynn and Tyler are AWFULLY quiet. Excited brides tend to bubble over ... right onto their social media accounts. At one point Catelynn was doing just that. She counted stop telling us about her plans to get hitched. Only recently that all ... stopped.

6. MTV is mum. Remember when we were promised a Catelynn and Tyler wedding special from MTV? The network hasn't said a WORD about what would seemingly be something that would attract plenty of fans (not to mention plenty of advertisers with big bank accounts).

Pretty damning evidence, don't you think?

Of course, this could all be Catelynn and Tyler's plan to throw us off so they can get hitched quietly! Let's hope ... we really want these two to work out!

Do you think these two will ever make it to the altar?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Thank god, these two are SOOO not ready. Catelynn needs individual, long-term therapy, not just couples therapy, and they both need to have some independence first and see who they are individually. Getting married now would be a HUGE mistake!

nonmember avatar hpfaerb

yes If mtv wIuld just let them be and work out thwIr problems! they have been thro alot and for them to even stIll be together amazes me!! yhat shows true love!! I dont care what anyone says!! they are a strong couple and If the made It thro what the dId thwy can make It thro anythIng :) ,I have faIth In them :) I wIsh them the best of luck!!

nonmember avatar jenna mae

They are not ready to get married I love them but they should wait a few more years she has issues and he has never been with another girl wouldnt he be curious?? I dont know just sayin!

Spooky80 Spooky80

even IF this is all true catelynn and tyler will DENY all of this like they always do they DENY everything and I think they did couples therapy for the money or maybe this is just a publicity stunt that catelynn and tyler are doing for attention and or money or to stay in the spot light.....

nonmember avatar Jennie

I believe in Tyler and Catelynn! They have been through so much together and growing up! They work hard on their relationship! One of the most amazing relationships I have seen! I wish them all the luck in the world! They both deserve to be happy!! <3

nonmember avatar rhmason

I hope so. But they both need to be a bit calmer with each othet. It seems tyler needs to mature a bit. They did a great thing sharing their daughter with a family who could give her more and better. Hope they stick together.

nonmember avatar Guest

I bet their daughter is coming to the wedding and Cate & Ty gave into their demands of it being as private as possible and changed the date, among other things.

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