Robert Pattinson's Party Guest Could Mean He's Still in the Running for '50 Shades' Role

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Robert Pattinson

Stop whatever it is you are doing immediately -- because what I'm about to tell you just might knock you right off your chair. Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James attended Robert Pattinson's party on Saturday night, which probably means she wants him to land the part of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movie, right?

Yep, Rob threw a birthday bash for a pal, and somehow E.L. managed to get herself a spot on the guest list. Now Twilight fans everywhere are probably freaking out at the idea of the two of them being in the same room because -- DUH -- why else would they associate with each other if he wasn't seriously being considered to play Christian?

(Deep breaths.)

Gee, I dunno -- maybe it's because E.L. kind of has an "in" with the Hollywood types right now since her books are a bit on the popular side? 

Or maybe she's friends with the dude Rob threw the birthday party for in the first place, so he thought he should probably invite her?

Whatever the case, it's not like it was an intimate dinner with a small group of people or anything like that. It was a party, for crying out loud -- and typically parties tend to have lots of people in attendance. At this particular bash, one of those attendees just happened to be E.L. James -- and we probably shouldn't make a mountain out of a mole hill and read too much into her being there.

But then again, I guess there really is the possibility that the two of them will be working together in some capacity in the near future (wink, wink) -- so maybe jumping to conclusions isn't really all that far-fetched?

Hmm. Maybe we shouldn't totally close the door on the idea of Rob being cast as Christian. Stranger things have happened, right?

Do you think E.L. James was at Rob's party because she's interested in him getting Christian's role?


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hexxuss hexxuss

Oh geez, I hope he doesn't.... There are many more guys better suited to fit that persona.

Barbara Coleman

Who knows why she was there. I though that part was already in the bag, so to speak. Dont get me wrong, Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will play the part well. Rob's fans will love to see that hot body in the flesh, I know that I would. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile!

Jessica JaLea

I hope rob does NOT get the role for Christian.....there are a lot more hotter guys out there that could play that role ALOT BETTER....

Jessica JaLea

i think matt bomer should play the role of christian......

nonmember avatar Karen

Rob's portrayal of Edward Cullen is the basis for the character Christian Grey. Why woul he not be considered for the part. Not that I think he should do it, but he is who the character is based on.

nonmember avatar Becca

It really annoys me when people suggest Rob can't play Christian. Fifty is based on Rob, EL James was besotted with him when she wrote it, he's her Christian. Anyway, Rob wouldn't want to play it, links him too closely to Twilight and he's trying to distance himself from that. I am a fan of Rob obviously, but to say he isn't hot enough is madness IMO. Take a look at some of the leaked pics from his Dior campaign, then tell me he isn't hot enough for Fifty. Pfft.

Marilyn Mendez

Well if Rob take advantage for the party that he did on May 22 and invited  E L James (50 Shades of Grey) to get the rolo of Christian Grey in the movie, its obviously that the writer of the book consider for Anastasia Steele, Kristen Stewart, by the way the Tryology was based on Edward (RP) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart).  Its not fair that he will have the principal role and Kristen not.  Both deserve to be the protagonist of that movie.....

nonmember avatar lovely calara

Surely matt bomer is the best guy whom could play the role christian grey...

Rhonda Georgetts-Smith

I certainly hope not...he's just not Christian Grey material! Now Ian Somerhalder...well He Is Christian Grey

Kristie Rose

he is a douche. please no

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