'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Joe Gorga Unleashes on Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice and Joe GorgaWhoa! It was the moment we'd been waiting for on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- for Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice to finally come face to face. How it happened and what happened was most unexpected though ... and not pretty. It started with a little grunting and ended up with a high-intensity fight in the middle of the gym, peppered with plenty of profanity and some low blows.

In the middle of her workout, Teresa somehow recognized the grunts as her brother's and went over, like nothing had happened between them, making small talk and jokes. Joe wasn't having any of it. Throughout their whole feud he's been pretty restrained, watched his words, and hasn't really unleashed on Teresa. Tonight he unleashed on Teresa ... big time.

He started by accusing her of being obsessed with Melissa. Teresa scoffed at that, saying she looks right through her. Then they started throwing accusations at one another so fast and furious, it was difficult to keep up. One that seemed to really hurt Teresa was Joe saying she couldn't cook after Teresa said everyone knows Melissa lip synchs. That obviously stung, and strangely enough, she didn't deny that. 

Then he started attacking Joe Giudice. He said if he could change one thing, it would be that Teresa wouldn't have married him. So basically, they're now blaming each other's spouse for their problems. She called him "pussy whipped," and he implied that Joe Giudice is a crappy dad and father. "I don’t like 90 percent of the things it does," he said. "I can’t even call him a man."

Teresa then threw water at him, told him to go scratch, and stormed out. It was not pretty. Caroline Manzo, who hadn't even gotten wind of this encounter yet, accurately stated the obvious earlier in this episode: "This family is such a mess." Such a mess, I don't even have a side anymore.

We know the healing is coming, but it sure doesn't feel like it's going to be anytime soon. I'm not sure things can get much worse than they did tonight though ... well, unless Rosie Pierri gets involved. Man is she pissed.

Were you surprised to see Joe Gorga unleash on Teresa Giudice tonight? Did she deserve it?


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nonmember avatar Beth

I love Joe Gorga. He loves his wife and he stands behind her and it's clear that Teresa is crazed with jealousy over it. I also love that he called his wife his best friend, which is so important to a marriage. Teresa is such a hypocrite and looks like a complete fool standing behind that caveman of a husband. Like you said, I know that their relationships are going to be mended, but I can't see how that happens or how they can get past all the crap that Teresa has pulled. I guess it will keep my watching.

romab... romab1126

I love Teresa. Melissa manipulates her husband with sex. its just gross.

nonmember avatar RealityObserver

I like Joe Gorga's and Melissa's relationship. Teresa and her husband..not so much. Everything that Joe Gorga said to Teresa is true. I believe that Teresa wants a husband like her brother and is jealous that Melissa got that. Its obvious in the way she talks about Melissa to her brother. When Joe did that to her, she could not take it. Hey if she can dish it out, she should be able to take it too. She really needs to get rid of her so called friends if she wants a relationship with her brother. They are poison.

ninag... ninag1980

First things first.  I love that this recap only involves the last 10 minutes of last nights eposide.  Lets face it, that was the only interesting part.

Well, I thought Joe Gorga was spot on.  It was tit for tat.  Teresa was finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Joe called her out on her cooking and I loved the look on her face.  Joe Gorga is the only person that actually gets to Teresa deep down and you can tell.  She walks on eggshells around him trying to act innocent.  Deep down you can tell she is really affected by how he feels about her.

I think Joe Gorga was 100% accurate when he said Teresas marriage to Joe Guidice was the downfall in their relationship.  I agree.  Joe Guidice is toxic and a horrible excuse for a husband. I would be surprised if he had any friends.  Melissa is nowhere near the toxic levels of Joe Guidice.  Yeah, she can be  petty and lie like Teresa, BUT, she is not even close to the same level as pathetic  Joe Guidice. 


Tripl... TripleDee30

I loved when Joe Gorga said he didn't call his wife a c-word and Teresa replied, "he said that on the phone to his friend."  Umm - that makes it better how??  And the "friend" he was talking to when he took the call in the vineyard was obviously a mistress because he was all "hubba hubba" on the phone.  Teresa in a dingbat.

Cindy Main

 Teresa, Teresa, Teresa..I can not believe Kathy and Richie aloud the topic of Teresa  ruin their daughters 19th birthday party! Everyone was so drunk! Their kids are bound to have issues with alcohol. Brother Joe let his sister have it on National Television! He's no better than Teresa and his words although may have been true, were hurtful. Nice brother.. hope he feels better. I pity Teresa for the first time. The fued between Melissa and Teresa is between the Women Joe! Stay out of it. Melissa needs to grow up and fight her own battles. Caroline! What's up woman? Get a life of your own!

Lori Tanguay Ikewood

Dont like Teresa.....she deserves more than she got!!!!!!

Patti A Gehring Chisholm

Rosi needs to crawl back to whatever rock she came out from under,and stay there!

nonmember avatar linda simon

teresas hubby is a ho and her brother is a true bro. teresa is discusting always wanting a apoligy when she started her retarded situation! Melissa is a lady!

Catherine Higgins

I think Joe did a great job of throwing it back at her.  Everything he said was right on. But, she'll never see it herself.  She's in a bad marriage and her husband treats her like crap but she'll never see that either.  She's probably jealous of the relationship her brother has with his wife and doesn't even realize it. 


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