Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are Getting Married!

kim kardashian kayne west This is such a happy week for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. First the two became new parents of a baby girl, North West. And now rumor has it that just three days after Kim gave birth, Kanye has finally popped the question.

When there's a marriage proposal and Kim Kardashian is involved, you would expect that there would be a big glitzy engagement ring, too, but that's not the case. In fact, it seems like Kanye didn't even have the whole thing planned. According to gossipmongers, the 36-year-old rapper was just so overcome with love for his new baby girl and her mom Kim that his "softer" side is coming out, causing Kanye to ask Kim to marry him.

Fortunately, Kanye did have a little something to give Kim to hold her over until he gets an official engagement ring.

According to insiders, Kanye gave Kim a $750K rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring, which would kind of seem like a nice engagement ring for anyone, but nope. That was just the "push present" Kanye had planned to give Kim all along. He supposedly had it designed months ago in preparation for after the baby's birth.

And we won't have to wait very long to see these two walk down the aisle. Kim's divorce from Kris Humphries was finalized weeks before North's birth, and apparently a September wedding is planned. We can't wait to hear more about the details. In the meantime, congratulations to Kim and Kanye!

Did you expect Kanye to propose to Kim right after she gave birth?


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nonmember avatar jacklean davis

Kim dates and sexually active with many ball playes. She an easy piece of ass to get by many men.

Kim is the engine that drives the family's fame and fortune with her fame sleeping around with many professional men.

Kim get married for ratings.

Kim get divorced after 72 days of being married which get backlashed by media and threaten family money machine.

Kim get sexually involved with two men while still legally married.

Kim get pregnant for either ball player or rapper who happened to boost her profile.

Kim decides to lie to rapper and world thus claiming he's the father of her child. Keeping the machine on track.

Kim decides to futher the claim by lying about the due date of child (ie Princess Kate's same month).

Kim claim begin to fall apart about due date, instead she decide to have child on rapper's mother birthdate. Great position to whole rapper"s

heart and still keep money machine on track.

Kim have child but now ball player come forward and claim to be the father.

Kim get engage to rapper who believe in his heart that child is his but he do not sign birth certificate.

Kim marries rapper just to later find out the child isn't his after all. Priceless, Kim dropped like hot potate by rapper, who is made a fool.

dez0717 dez0717

I aint sayin she a gold-digger......

nonmember avatar jessi

Jacklean - Who do you think the father is? I'm really confused with her due date. This site is now saying she delivered at 3 weeks premature, but at first they said 5. I'm sorry but that is a HUGE difference, even if it is only 2 weeks. If she was really 5 weeks early, her baby honestly wasn't that tiny for being that early. I had my son 3 weeks premature and he was only 4 pounds 8 ounces. I know everyones different of course, but 5 pounds seems like a good size for 5 weeks premature.

youth... youthfulsoul

Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm.

nonmember avatar me me

She is how old and on marriage # 3? Wow! I'm not a prude but come on. I realize this is 2013. I feel so bad for her kid. She has so much to learn about her mom!

mlg1989 mlg1989

Hmm... how long before they divorce? Bets anyone?

Michelle Buley Slegona

i think Kanye can keep Kim in check she dont stay married he will take her baby

linzemae linzemae

@jessi. My daughter was 5lbs 14oz and was 5 weeks premature. Not saying you're wrong but I had a good sized premie

mommy... mommyinthe303

Well some basketball player says the baby is his, then it seems she never uses protection with anyone. She is a wow period, a jezabel, and will really prob get into hell easy. But if the baby was in that much need and preemie wouldn't they keep the baby a little longer.

nonmember avatar CeeCee

mommyinthe303....my daughter was six weeks premature and the only thing that they found wrong with her was that she had jaundis. Whereas a family friends daughter had their grandchild a month early and she was in an incubator for almost three months. Every situation is different.

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