Jodi Arias Lifetime Movie Sheds New Light on Sickest Details of the Case (VIDEO)

Jodi AriasWhen Jodi Arias was found guilty last month of the murder of Travis Alexander, those who had been paying close attention were not all that shocked. Still, there may have been those who felt that Alexander somehow brought his death upon himself or led her on to the point of insanity. But the new Lifetime movie that just premiered June 22 will put all those rumors to rest.

If Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret starring Tania Raymonde is to be believed, Jodi Arias was a stalker, obsessed with Travis to the point of stupidity (she left a photograph of herself committing the murder as it happened). She broke into his email, photographed him out with his friends, hooked up with other men and sent photos of it, and followed him into the rest room to meet him.

The film plays fast and loose with some of the facts, according to Today. Still, there is no doubt after viewing the film: Travis Alexander was the victim in every sense of the word.

See below:

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Arias worked hard (as did her legal team) to make Alexander look like a sexual deviant. She tried to make people feel sorry for her and honestly? It worked.

This film is hard to watch for many, many reasons, but it does make Alexander look much more innocent than the trial ever did. Was he a player? Sort of. Not even. The film has Arias manipulating and twisting every turn so that Alexander had almost no choice but to succumb to her charms.

TV movies are notorious for this kind of thing and it's entirely possible the real truth is somewhere in the middle, but as someone who watched the trial intently, seeing it played out this way did make me look at Arias differently.

She is not the innocent waif she played in the courtroom. Not even close. Some might say it was too soon for a TV movie -- and the murder scene was graphic and horrifying -- but it also shed some light on the case and made Alexander a real person, more than just a name and stories.

Arias was convicted of the murder so there were no legal concerns with showing the murder. That leaves only the moral ones. I feel for Alexander's family having to relive this tragedy this way and I can only hope they either did not watch the film or forwarded through the horrific scenes.

Still, the film did not make Arias a victim. It did not make her sympathetic at all. And on some level, that might give his family some comfort. Maybe.

The case truly is such a tragedy.

Did you see the movie? Did it seem like it captured the truth?



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Kristen Fanger

I think that Tania Raymonde did a fantastic job of capturing Jodi! I've really liked her in everything I've seen her in! I haven't finished that whole movie yet, but so far, I think Lifetime has been extremely accurate, with what we were given at the trial. I am extremely curious to see how Travis Alexander's family feels about the movie, if they even watched it. When I first heard about Lifetime already making a movie, I was a tad disgusted, but I think it was made very well (as all their movies are), and I'm glad that I saw it. Now the tricky part's gonna be, finding people for the new jury, that haven't seen it, and aren't impartial. I guess it's too late.

bills... billsfan1104

I fell asleep through it, but I still find it haunting the pictures of him in the shower right before he was stabbed to death.

nonmember avatar Judy

Fast and loose with the facts??? That's stating it mildly!! I was surprised at what was different from the truth in this movie. I guess they were free with the "artistic license"! I thought the acting was pretty poor; especially the courtroom scenes!! Instead of rushing to get it finished, they should have taken a little more time and presented a much better product.

Robin Drake

Tania captured the personality that Jodi thought she hid so well in court. I am sure, Travis probably had to deal with this incredibly selfish, young woman. I found it hard to watch the murder scene, but it was close to what really happened. At least this movie showed the Real side of Travis and not what was portrayed by her defense team. I believe he was genuinely a very nice and trusting person. He could not have escaped her Wrath.

Terry Lynn Taylor

the movie was clearly from the Prosecution point ov view. It  made Travis out to be innocent , which he Was NOT. From the texts and calls from the trial, he def used her and abused her mentally. He was a sick sex addict , as was she. They totally put the Morman Church in a bad light. made a big deal of Coffee, but Not Sex.. They never showed any of the sick Texts, or ways he spoke to her. Th Truth lies in the Middle im sure. . I hope Men learn from it. Both were at fault. both families have suffered. hanging onto the trial for months will only make it worse. let her have Life, and get on with your lives.

nonmember avatar tonya

I didn't get to watch it is it gonna come back on?

Debi Lee

its on youtube .. it shed light of how she slashed his throat.. weird ending w/ her singing a christmas song in jail??

there... theresa1966

They were both at fault. She has issues no doubt about that and he pushed her to her limits of jealously. Men shouldn't use women like that. I agree she needs to be in prison. She need therapy after what he did to her and what she did to her self.

nonmember avatar Phoenix

You are an adult, right? You know this is a movie, right, not lost footage or something?

The story put out by filmmakers trying to CASH IN on a murder trial should not influence your thinking at all. It's a fictional account! They weren't there! And there a thousand ways that a movie can be emotionally charged in a way that facts aren't.

If verified facts strike you one way, and a fictionalized sensational films strikes you another way...that doesn't mean the film is adding to your knowledge.

It's not a new perspective. It isn't revealing anything. It's making a story out of it that they can sell. If you let that sway you, please get out of jury duty and stop voting. You can't tell reality from entertainment.

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