Brad Pitt's Words About James Gandolfini's Death are Heartbreaking

brad pitt james gandolfiniLast week actor James Gandolfini died suddenly of a major heart attack in Italy. Best known for playing Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, Gandolfini was a great character actor and by all accounts a really good guy, and Hollwood, including Sesame Street, is mourning his loss. Brad Pitt is no exception.

Pitt and Gandolfini starred together in 3 films: The Mexican (also with Julia Roberts), True Romance, and Killing them Softly. And while we don't think of Brad being BFFs with Gandolfini the same way we think of him hanging with George Clooney, the two had a good professional relationship and Gandolfini's loss hit Brad really hard.

Brad described Gandolfini as a "ferocious actor, a gentle soul and a genuinely funny man."

Brad also said:

I am fortunate to have sat across the table from him and am gutted by this loss. I wish his family strength and some semblance of peace.

Gutted by this loss. That's heavy stuff.

Gandolfini's death was a shock. It was sudden, unexpected, and came way too early. The actor was 51 years old. Brad Pitt is 49. It's likely Brad had the thought we all tend to: "That could have been me." Because really it could be any of us at any time. When someone our age dies, it gets us thinking about our own mortality. Brad and Angie recently went through Angie's mastectomy -- she doing what she felt she needed to stay around a little longer for her kids. They probably didn't think about Brad dying anytime in the near future -- he's young and in good shape. Life is fragile and we've all got to make the most of it, which is exactly what James Gandolfini seemed to do.

He had a wonderful career -- he won 3 Emmys for the Sopranos, and has a wife and beautiful children, including a 9-month old baby. While it's sad that he died so young at least he died in Italy where he had a "marvelous" day with his family. He was there to receive a film award and he was proud about that. He died living. That's the best all of us can hope for.

What do you think about Brad Pitt's words?


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Melan... MelanieJK

Life involves loss.   Wear and tear on your heart is a sign of a full life.  

Valerie Ferrara-Ryan

It is humbling to hear Brad speak so genuinely of Mr. Gandolfini. Thank you for that peak into a very sad situation. We are all finding it hard to comprehend - the loss of this gentle giant.

Bridg... BridgetBlue

A beautiful, heartfelt tribute. I live in CT and he was a NJ native, so our news is covering personal memories from restaurant owners and business owners who knew him. The consensus has been: nice guy, genuine. One restaurant owner in NJ said that after he had his dinner, he stopped on the way out to sign autographs or give hugs to people who flagged him over. That is class and the style of someone who never forgot where he came from and how to treat fans. Godspeed, Mister Gandolfini.

Francy Du Haime Huk

I think Brad Pitt has the sympathy and empathy of an angel.

Jane Hagood

This is a lesson to me TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF especially your heart, Mr. Gandolifini leaves a message to all of us you may have fame and riches but only one body.

aunti... auntieb73

His comments were touching and poignant - we tend to forget that celebrities are really normal people- they just have a lifestyle we don't. His words are that of a friend and colleague who was grateful to have known him....and since we are familiar with his work, we know him in our own way too. He shared a great gift with us.

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