Paula Deen Fired From Food Network Following Racism Accusations

It looks like Paula Deen's goose is cooked. Her egg is fried. Her cheesy chicken is burnt to a crisp. You get the idea. The Southern cooking queen's Food Network shows have been cancelled. Following Paula's "N-word" scandal -- in which she reportedly admitted in a deposition that she used the N-word as a "joke" and planned a "slave theme party" in which African-Americans would be the slaves -- the Food Network has said it will not renew Paula's contract, which is up soon.

It was only this morning that Paula released a somewhat bizarre apology video -- in which she appeared to be reading her apology off placards. Paula, this is what press releases are for. She stumbled over her words, must have stopped several times (you can tell by the edit cuts), and seemed to almost be laughing in places. Not really an apology to warm the hearts of her fans. And I guess Food Network wasn't buying it either.

She then released another apology video and this one seemed more authentic and sincere -- but it was too late. Honestly, you know you're in trouble when you have to release two apology videos on the same day.

At any rate, this probably isn't the end of Paula. She'll go away for a bit, but eventually make a comeback of some kind. But it might take awhile. John Galliano is just now beginning to crawl out of the hole that he fell into after his "I love Hitler" rant in a restaurant. Amazingly, Mel Gibson still gets work, though he will never have much respect from anyone who matters.

Celebrities can really melt down in some bizarre ways, can't they?

Were you disappointed by Deen?

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Coles... Coles_mom

I didn't watch her for her personal beliefs. I enjoyed her recipes. She was on a cooking show....not a political talk show.

nonmember avatar Alice

It's only a big deal because she got caught saying these things (which were not very nice to say the least) But,I think almost all celebrities say stuff like this all the time.She just happened to get caught doing it.

nonmember avatar damien

Mike Tyson grew up bashing lil old ladies then accused of wife beating then 3 years for rape topped off by eating another mans he is co hosting the view and dancing on the anyone can come back

Venae Venae

I hope they'll stop the repeats too - she's one annoying woman - and so are her boys.

IKnow... IKnow0101

They could have done without the apology video.  Don't apologize for something if you don't mean it.  I understand that she told the truth during the trial but this is a continuous behavior of hers. I do believe people can change and I am willing to accept the new you but come on.  A slave theme party. Who thinks of that?  People are upset because the FN didn't renew her contract but just as she has the freedom to say/think whatever she wants they have the right to dismiss her.  Btw I can't wait for people to start saying that Black people use the word all the time.  Like that excuses anything.

mothe... motherof2inFL

Food Network didn't fire Ina Garten for refusing the wish of a terminally ill child TWICE but this woman apologizes for something she did twenty years ago and they axe her?  Stupid. 

cleig... cleigh717

I realize that people will eat horribly independently and they were doing so before her "recipes" but I don't really like her. Nevr did. Maybe I knew she has a wacked sense of doesn't matter. The last thing the world needs is fatty artery clogging foods and new innovative ways to rearrange the deoxygenating "foods". High disease hello?! She even made herself sick. I hope she fades into oblivion but I know better. Chris brown came back as well as countless others. Food network bravo! She needs to be iced out. I think the world needs a jillian michaels of food. Yeah, I would buy her books. And I bet she would know what century it is.

Sierr... SierraLynn

It really hasn't phased me. Im not racist, but I really dont care what she said. I dont admire her, but I do watch her shows sometimes and try some recipes because she has some good ones.

nonmember avatar Anna

Venae, do us a favor and burn in hell.
It is a deadly sin to call the almighty Paula Ann Hiers Deen Groover annoying and to her sons too. They are friendly people, not annoying. Don't any of you retards understand Paula Deen is a Sacred Cow, and her sons of Almight sacred cows and if you criticise Paula,her sons, or any of her relatives, you will burn in hell when you die?

nonmember avatar ishok

She gets to say what she wants... and we get to react. I'm pleasantly surprised that the Food Network took action. I really enjoy a lot of their programs but I was never much of a fan of Paula Deen. I would have stopped watching if nothing had been done over this. This is ridiculously ignorant stuff.

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