Amanda Bynes Gets Her Breast Implants Removed Because She Can't Make Up Her Mind

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Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes is still up to her old crazy (and I mean that with all due respect) tricks again -- she got even more plastic surgery! We've already heard about the two or three or maybe four surgeries on her poor nose, but Amanda also had a boob job awhile ago. But apparently she didn't like it -- so Amanda had her new boobs taken right back out again. This girl really likes being under the knife! She reportedly told RadarOnline:

I got my breast implants removed. They were uncomfortable. I prefer them out.

Perhaps she realized that new breasts were not silencing the loud, obnoxious voices in her head that scream, "You're ugly! You're ugly!"

Reportedly, Amanda had a complication after her breast reduction surgery but she's doing okay (?) now. A friend claims she told her: "They look amazing without the implants!"

Well, it should only take a moment or two for Amanda to post a selfie of her new non-boobs on Twitter.

She's also getting another surgery because she claims she has "webbing between the eyes." Whatever the hell that is.

Amanda seems like she's suffering from body dysmorphia, because she looked perfectly beautiful before all of these surgeries. I feel sorry for Amanda because she must be in a world of pain to keep wanting to fiddle with her outsides and hope it somehow fixes her insides. As a friend tells RadarOnline:

She’s become addicted to the confidence each surgery gives her.

The problem? That confidence will only last a little while. Then all the old emotional ghosts come whirling back again. And then you need your next surgery. And your next. Soon your nose is falling out of your head like Michael Jackson's was. Proof of Amanda's skewed thinking? She recently tweeted:

It doesn't matter if you feel sexy if you don't look sexy.

Um, no, Amanda. It's actually the complete opposite. There is no looking sexy if you don't feel it.

I hope Amanda -- as well as any other woman addicted to plastic surgery -- can learn to accept herself. Here's the damn truth: Looks fade. On everyone. No getting around it. Concentrate on the inside. It does a body -- and a mind -- good.

Have you ever had plastic surgery or thought about it?


Image via AmandaBynes/Instagram

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Choco... Chocodoxies

Everytime this poor girl is in the "news" all I can think is, "what horrible thing happened in her past that has made her this way?" Seriously, something happened to this poor girl to make her feel the way she does and act the way she is. She was molested, or beaten, or neglected, or verbally abused, but something happened. 

Reali... Reality_check

She's completely destroying herself............

dekumama dekumama

Wow. I just visited her twitter for the first time, (also my first time visiting any twitter), and it is like the friggin' Twilight Zone over there! 

Welcome our newest member to The Illuminati ▲

Is that for real? Are they making fun of her? I can't decide.

nonmember avatar Camille

I think she has gone overboard with the surgeries but thats just my opinion but on another note i would the name of the surgeon who did her breast implants from what i could tell they were beautiful, i truely believe in doing plastic surgery for yourself and to boost your confidence but i believe she does have Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD) so if that is the case when people jave thos mental illness surgery is not the answer, the answer should be your therapist or genuinly sitting down with your doctor and talking to him/her like we can do here in the U.K as perhaps then he/she could diagnose her with (BDD). I truely hope she gets the help she needs and people calling her names as this is going to make her worse not better, people will say oh she wont read the comments on the blogs but you would be truely surprised that they actually do. anyway enough of my essay lol, i just hope people dont judge her to harshly and i hope she gets the help she deserves. Camille xx

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