Ian Somerhalder Says He Almost Died in Terrifying Flight 800 Plane Crash

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder shared some scary news yesterday. The Vampire Diaries actor revealed in a tweet that he was supposed to be on Paris-bound TWA flight 800 that crashed off the shore of Long Island on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 passengers and crew on board.

He gave no details about what stopped him from getting on that ill-fated flight, but now that the seed's been planted, I'm sure we'll get the full story soon enough.

The plane crash has sparked many a conspiracy theory -- the official report is that a fuel tank exploded, but some hypothesize that there was something more sinister at play. Perhaps a rogue Navy missile? A meteor? A bomb? The investigation, consequently, has been reopened.

Having narrowly avoided this horrifying tragedy, it's sort of bizarre that Ian would go on to play Boone Carlyle in Lost, a man who survives a terrifying and mysterious plane crash.

It's also bizarre that Ian would play this kind of sympathy card. We love him, but he misses no chance to draw attention to himself. If he's not playing up the drama surrounding his breakup, he's milking the Fifty Shades rumors, or sharing that he almost died, but didn't.

And we'll be here to cover it all, of course.

Pro tip for Ian, though -- if he wants the ultimate amount of press, a pregnancy is always a good idea.

What are your thoughts on Ian's plane crash revelation?


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ian somerhalder


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nonmember avatar damien


Priscilla B Friend

I think what he is saying is true,I don't think he is drawing attention to himself,he was just sharing something,more like a testimony,maybe he is a praying man,and God or his guardian Angel spoke to him :)and he was not meant to be on that plane,stop saying negative stuff about him,He is an awesome actor and Beautiful :) so why would he want to get all this attention!!!

Maria Maggou

You would only be happy if he did not say anything? Oh yes, then you would write that he is depressed due the break up. Whose fan are you that you feel the need to write a nasty comment about Ian in every article? Well if Ian wants attention with his tweet then you want attention to your so called articles by bashing Ian. You could write the same story without bushing him in the end, the clicks on your story would have been the same and you wouldn't have pissed people.. well the say Karma is a bitch so wait for her bite.

nonmember avatar Kayleigh Taylor

Maybe he didnt want to tell people but if the investigation is being re-open then that will be made public again. He might just want to share his story about them events. Stop making things on these stories sound bad about people. Its not just your opinion. Be 50/50

nonmember avatar Jenn

What I think is that Ian is a terrific person who just happened to tweet a fact about something that happened in his past. I think that he is not the one who is desperately trying to get attention, however YOU are trying to get hits on your website by using his name. YOU are the one who is desperate for attention to your website and his name gets a lot of searches because he is quite popular on the internet. So, you created an article and decided to put a negative spin on it to stir up his fans and therefore create more hits on your website. That's what I think.

Trina_ Trina_

I'm sorry but lately this guy will do anything for attention. Whats the point of him saying this if not for publicity?

nonmember avatar Dodoma

Just go back to your hole and crawl in it - you wrote this for publicity - make use of your 'talent' and write something meaningful

nonmember avatar Pixy

Of course you would suggest him to talk about a pregnancy! Bunch of bored housewives that like to spread BS gossip to stir the pot while popping ten kids out of your vagina. We love Ian and are glad to know he was not on that flight! So tired of ladies posting this sorry excuse for a site to me with your petty articles. Get a clue, you are the one drawing attention to yourself, only making you look bad. Crap writing for a CRAP site.

Karen Willis

Shit if I happen to still be walking on the earth after a plane I was meant to be on crashed I would be screaming it out to the world. Big ups Ian you go for it!!

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