Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Are Too Selfish & Stubborn to Divorce Amicably

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bethenny frankel and jason hoppyIt looks like Bethenny Frankel's divorce battle might last longer than her actual marriage. The former Real Housewive's star and Jason Hoppy called it quits in December 2012, but still haven't managed to come to a divorce agreement. This is turning out to be one of the nastiest celeb breakups we've seen in years. The issue holding them up?

Sources tell Us Weekly they continue to butt heads over daughter Bryn, now 2. Both reportedly want primary custody and it doesn't look like either will give in anytime soon.  "The divorce is taking a toll on her," the insider revealed. "She just wants what's best for her daughter. She wants this divorce to be over and done with, but it's being drawn out by Jason. All Bethenny wants to do is move on." 

But what do they expect? They both so incredibly stubborn. Neither will move out of the 3,400-square-foot New York City loft they bought during happier days. Of course that makes for a lot of tense interactions. That's a big space by Manhattan standards, but not big enough if you hate the person you are living with. Recently as Bethenny tried to shoot a segment for her talk show in the home, Jason allegedly freaked out and starting snapping at everyone.

That certainly doesn't sound like a healthy environment for their young child. How can either parent get in real quality time with their arch enemy lurking just feet away. So this is more than "difficult." It's a total s**t show, especially for their poor little girl.

Do you think Bethenny and Jason will be able to come to an amicable agreement?


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Amanda Stokes

I am starting to lose a lot of respect for Bethenny. First making out like he's some kind of evil guy for wanting spousal support, if the shoe was on the other foot nobody would blink twice at her expecting it. Now this insisting on primary custody, it's ridiculous, she will spend more time with nannies than her mother, clearly Jason has more time to devote to parenting. I say this having loved Bethenny from the first time I saw her on t.v., she is a fantastic person, she's overcome so many obstacles in life, but she chose to put her career ahead of what is truly important in this life, and as long as she continues to make that choice, then she needs to do what is best for her child, not what she is deluding herself into believing is best. Bryn is not going to appreciate all the time lost with mommy while mommy worked, the success and money is only important to Bethenny, not Bryn. Bethhenny has been successful, so maybe it's time to get priorities in order ... who knows maybe if she did that she and Jason could find their way back to each other.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

When Bethanny's products weren't  being restocked in the stores and she wasn't making any money Jason stepped in and fixed all of that and made her the millionaire or billionaire that she is today. Once Bethanny hit it big she decided that Jason wasn't good enough for her and her high society lifestyle. Jason wanted a decent life for his family and Bethanny wanted to go out and be a big star.  Why shouldn't Jason be a little upset about that right now, since it is affecting his child having a broken home. Bethanny should have thought about all of that before she sucked this poor man into marriage and ruined his life. Bethanny always thought she was a step above and she should have left this guy alone and not had a child with him if she wanted a different lifestyle. Now she has ruined Jason's life and Bryn's life, it's really a shame.

Evie Ryan

Poor Bryn.  75% of all the pictures you see with her and Bryn, Bethenny has her cell phone to her ear. She not paying attention to her child.  I have never seen Jason on the phone when he has Bryn and he is always engaged with his daughter.  Do you think that Bethenny will allow Jason parents, Bryn's grandparent have interaction with Bryn?  She didn't even want Jason to see his parents.

Bethenny will end up with lots of money but is turning out just like her mother whom she hates.  Karma is a bitch. Jason should have custody and the home.  Bethenny can buy herself a new grand manse that will suit her social climbing ways.

Norma J Brill

Everything will always be her way. Bryn has always walked behind her and I might add the best parent.. Its been her business from the get go, her apartment and only she could put in how she wanted it to look like.. I see her a greedy, selfish , stingy person who wants it all.

Anna Carter

i hope money dosent get in the way of something they can work out i wanted to divorce my husband when our baby was little but we stuck it out got rid of old friends that may be the problem ????? try some sit down let each other finish what they want to say with out butting in talk about why they went from so much love to so much hate things people do and say can really make the love turn to hate you will not be sorry when you both are planning your daughters graduation togeather as a couple and when the grandchildren come to you house instead ofgrandmas 1 week and granpaws 1 week think of your child you are pulling her apart

Darlene Marie

she deserves everything she gets. he only married her because she got preggo on purpose. she gives white trash a good name

Bonnie Lindgren



Patti Marie McClure

They are not hurting each other, they are only hurting Bryn...Of course they are both to narcissistic to see the forest for the trees. I feel for the child. Why can't adults see what they are doing to the innocence of their children?

Malinda Mowry

Their daughter is now 3.

nonmember avatar M. Richards

I hope the judge gives primary custody of Bryn to Jason Hoppy. It was so apparent that Bethenny's emotional problems prevented the child from having a normal relationship with Jason's parents during her Bravo show. The only hope, in my opinion, that the child will experience any normalcy in growing up would be for her to be with her Father. No matter how wealthy you are, you cannot provide stability for a child if you serve your own needs over what is best for your child. It was my feeling from watching the Bravo show that Bethenny's problems will always negatively affect Bryn's life.

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