'Teen Mom' Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Have Major Problems As a Couple

Catelynn LowellCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have long been considered the darlings of MTV's Teen Mom. Now that they are on VH1's Couple Therapy, the love fest may have faded a bit, but the sentiment still remains the same: These are two kids who know how to make love work.

They admit they have problems like anyone else. Catelynn recently said that MTV was not focusing on their issues because they had other things to focus on, but their new show is all about their problems. The thing is, every couple has problems.

Catelynn and Tyler both come from highly dysfunctional families where fighting and major strife were the norm. It would be very difficult and complicated for them to be able to have an easy, stress-free time building a life together. But that's true of everyone, even those who come from perfect families.

When a couple comes together, they do so with ALL the baggage from their past, their families, their way of life, their entire history. It's always a bit of a rough go.

There is something about overcoming those hurdles together and learning to love one another entirely despite those issues that makes love much richer and deeper. That is the stuff of lasting romance.

The bizarre thing about Teen Mom is that they always seemed impressive, but I never really knew why. Couples Therapy kind of lets us in more. The couples who make it long term are not the ones who never fight or who have all smooth sailing. They are the ones who fight and then repair the damage. They are the ones who look at their painful pasts and use them to grow together.

That is true love. If I thought Catelynn and Tyler might not make it before, I have opened my mind a bit. Love means saying sorry a lot (Love Story be damned) and it also means accepting one another, warts and all.

These two are doing that every day. Kudos to them.

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler will last?


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La-Tracshia Houston

Catelynn and Tyler are the cutest couple and my favorite and I think they will last especially to show Carly that her parents are still in love with each other.

nonmember avatar JJ

They said a year or so ago that they were getting married on 7/13/13....anyone know if that is still their plan or did they announce they were postponing it?

nonmember avatar mel

I think they had issues and traumas growing up. Then they came together and obviously they arent going to know how to have a healthy relationship. They didnt know how to be parents and so they chose adoption.

I love these two because I think they are on a very spiritual Journeyoflife , even if they dont realize it. they remind me of my partner and i. There are some couples that you can tell they were destined to meet and grow together. Its exciting to seem them on tv

nonmember avatar Cici11

I dont understand how u can become famous off giving your child away. Kudos to them for making the right decision for Carly but neither of them deserved to be glorified for it. Also, they gave their baby away and then every episode, the dude is rocking name brand clothing like rocawear and diamond earrings. Can we talk about selfish much? I know Im going to get flak but whatever, its my opinion and I dont think they should be famous for giving away their baby.

Rosas... RosasMummy

Him being able to afford nice clothes does not mean at all that he was mentally ready to be a good parent

nonmember avatar Ann Morrow

I agree with Rosasmommy. They're obviously still having problems and with a baby their problems would've doubled

Kristina Wagman

yes they will last they love each other they will work things out

Jill Russell-Horn

Cate and Ty will work out. And yes they should be glorified for giving their child a better and more stable home to live in and for giving a couple who was not able to have children the opportunity to have one. Just like all birth parents who give up their children for THE RIGHT REASONS should be glorified. You wouldn't know how it feels unless you've been there.

Jill Russell-Horn

I've never given a child up, but have thought about adopting a child.


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