Sean Lowe's 'Funny' Jab at Peta Murgatroyd Makes Him Look Like a Real Jerk

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Sean Lowe Peta Murgatroyd

Um, WHAT THE HECK was he thinking? Have you heard about Bachelor Sean Lowe insulting Peta Murgatroyd on Twitter yet? Good grief. You'd think since the two of them were so chummy while performing together on Dancing With the Stars that there would at least be a decent amount of respect between them.

And while I'm sure Sean was just being silly and attempting to show off his dorky sense of humor -- the comment he made to Peta was simply uncalled for.

Wait til you hear this one.

Sean's sister Shay posted a picture of her daughter, Kensington, captioned with: "First day of dance ... she has big dreams of being the next @PetaMurgatroyd :)"

Aww. So cute, right? Apparently Sean didn't think so.

He replied with, "Please Lord no!! If that's what she wants, she should just send in her application to Hooters now."

Are you freakin' kidding me?

Hooters? What the heck does being a professional ballroom dancer have to do with waiting tables in a low-cut shirt and orange hot pants?

(I'm confused.)

Luckily Peta had a pretty decent comeback. She simply said, "You should be a comedian..."

Damn. Can you believe she restrained herself like that? What a gal. I would've really let him have it. Ugh. She totally missed her chance to give him grief about the fact that he isn't getting laid. (Bummer.)

I mean, a harmless joke between friends is always good for a laugh -- but insulting someone's profession -- when she's as naturally talented and successful as Peta?

Yeah. That's just not right.

Do you think Sean's comment is funny?


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nonmember avatar Roberta Henry

How rude and insensitive. He is not as clever as he thinks he is. It is a shame he didn't learn to dance and let's hope his niece is a better dancer than he is.

MaryKay Buckland

Yea ..insensitive...but not being a Peta's just a reality  show remark...crude though it may be.

Gail Arnold

Sean needs to get laid!

nonmember avatar terri

He is a jerk anyway. I think Peta should have blasted him but she is too much of a lady. He is all into himself. Catherine watch out!

Ginny Peluso

Just more proof of what I said all along. He`s a complete ASS! I don`t see what anyone sees in him aside from his body which won`t last forever. He`s a dork and a hypocrite. NEVER trust anyone with that "I`m so holy" attitude.

Richard Urbanowski

he is a jerk but i am sure his boyfriend will take care of his not getting laid problem.

Patricia Thomas

No I  do not..............But then again I don't care for him and I am not surprised .


Ed Pruger


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