'RHOA' Kenya Moore Thinks She Was Evicted Because She's Too Beautiful (VIDEO)

Kenya MooreHold the twirling, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has been evicted. According to WetPaint, a judge ruled in favor of her landlord this week, and told Miss "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" to be gone from the home she's been renting.

Her former landlord, Conya Weems, said Kenya has been renting her mansion for $3,999 a month, but was short on her May rent by $848 ("Donkey Booty" video not selling so well?). She also apparently broke some of her lease terms, and was a renter from hell. In a statement Weems said eviction was her last resort.

Kenya's side of the story is a little different ... of course.

Calling into The Wendy Williams Show, Kenya told her account of what went down. She said it had nothing to do with her not paying rent, and that she never even got a notice of the court date, so it will be overturned and there will be another hearing. In general, she says the whole thing is "absolutely absurd".

I’ve paid this woman nearly $52,000 in rent and she has a $6,000 security deposit of mine. I have paid her May rent and paid her June and my lease is up in three weeks, so this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

So why does the woman have it out for her? According to Kenya, it's basically because the landlord is jealous of her. Isn't everyone? She told Wendy:

She’s taking her ex-husband back to court, and I can’t help it if I live a fabulous life and she can no longer afford to be in the house.

When Wendy asked if Kenya is prettier than her landlady, Kenya replied, "Oh, I'll send you a picture Wendy. I'll post it on my Instagram." That's it! The woman doesn't want someone living in her house that's prettier than her. Had I not witnessed the entire season of Kenya's narcissistic, delusional crap on RHOA, I wouldn't believe she's for real. But she is.

I'm sure the judge who made the ruling had something a little more substantial on which to base  his decision. Kenya, however says it's not over yet, and she's looking for a better outcome at the hearing next week.

"She (Weems) will know when it's all done, don't come for me unless I come for you," Kenya said. Can't wait to see how this turns out, and where Kenya will twirl off to next.

Who do you think is telling the truth -- Kenya Moore or her landlady?


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Arlene Diaz

I can't stand Kenya. She really has no business on the show as she is not a housewife, nor does she even have a love interest! Oh! Wait! Yes she does, she's in love with herself!! She brings nothing to the show,and I really could care less if she gets evicted! Karma is a bitch after all!

hexxuss hexxuss

Wouldn't she be more suited to 'star' in a show called 'American Psycho'? All I know about this person is what I've seen in videos on 'news' articles, and boy she's a piece of work... I can see the next article, with cops at her door to "escort" her from the house & her saying 'don't come for me unless I come for you'. *smh*

nonmember avatar lilia silva

Kenya Moore thinks she's "too beautiful"? You have to be kidding. I think she resembles some guys in drag I saw in Miami last summer. She has no feminine features. Like you can take a skinny guy, shave him, put on makeup, wig and jewelry, and he's suddenly a "beautiful" woman? Wow.

nonmember avatar Tiffani

Kenya is lying! The homeowner is hardly ever in town. I live in the neighborhood. Notice that liar never outright denies the debt claim. Kenya is prettier than the owner. Check out the episode of Porsha's fundraiser. The lady standing outside is the homeowner. You tell me who is prettier. Not Kenya. So not only does Kenya not pay her bills, but she tries to screw her friends over also?! What a sad excuse of a human being. What does suing the ex husband have to do with Kenya's bills? Rumor on another site is that Kenya pleaded with the homeowner to remain in the home because of her job and court files have proof of her request. Once they are public, let's see what Wendy Williams & Gone with the Rent Losing My Mind Kenya Moore's followers will say then. I hope Bravo doesn't bring her back. If they do, I won't watch anymore.

Robert Salinas

Kenya who.  4K a month in rent? She must be doing something right.

Linda Darnell


nonmember avatar GCs

Oh Kenya is Beautiful & she has several very Enviable assets!! However, she still has to pay her rent.:)

BTW she didn't say she thought she was more beautiful...she actually said 'I will post a picture, you judge for yourself'

nonmember avatar SnoopReporter

My visit to the courthouse just uncovered a 17-page Expedited Motion filed against Ms Moore detailing her unpaid rental debts. My, my, Ms Moore has been grossly irresponsible when it comes to paying her bills. She will have a tough time twirling her way out of this one. As soon as I figure out how to upload to this site, you can read it with your own eyes. Ms Moore’s twirl is about to land her in deep financial debt. Sorry, Wendy, but you got played.

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