Emily Maynard's New Boyfriend Is Being Kept a Secret, So Shhhhh

emily maynardHey errybody. Guess who has a new boyfriend! Everyone's favorite single mom looking for love may have suddenly found it -- but she's not sharing any details. Reportedly, former Bachelorette Emily Maynard has been dating a man named Nick for six months now, but is keeping the relationship close to the vest.

You mean Emily, who's been engaged three times, TWICE PUBLICLY TO BACHELORS ON TV, is a little gun shy about letting the world in on her private love life? You don't say.

She allegedly won't even release his last name -- that's how tight-lipped she's staying. Plus, there have been no hints on her Instagram or on her blog that she's been seeing someone ... guess Em's pretty good at keeping a secret.

Assuming the rumors are true, it's great to see our girl back out there and having fun dating someone new. After her engagement with Jef Holm blew up in everyone's faces, he seemed to move on pretty fast, and has been photographed with many an attractive lady.

Emily's too smart for that, though. I'm sure she's learned her lesson and has realized that a relationship in the public eye is a disaster waiting to happen. No good can come of the outside looking in, and after two, count 'em two stints on months-long reality TV shows, I think Emily has finally realized that if she wants to find true love, she needs to leave Chris Harrison, and all of us, totally out of it.

But come on. One little picture of Nick wouldn't hurt, would it?


You happy to hear Emily's keeping this new BF a secret?


Photo via emilygmaynard/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Kristy

Well since his name is Tyler Johnson and nit Nick, it's not really a secret. It's only been 5 months too. I'm glad she is trying to be private. Why are people calling him Nick? I guess the tabloids got it wrong again.

Roberta Howard

No matter his name.... I feel for him... Since when has she been EVERYONE"S  FAVORITE single mom... Not in this house... I am just thankful she is leaving DALE JR. alone... FINALLY>



Joy Wyse-Thornborough

Correct, It doesn't matter his name. What matters is that she finds happiness for herself & her little girl. Hope she is happy. 


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