Ian Somerhalder Caught Holding Hands With Another ‘Vampire Diaries’ Costar! (PHOTO)

ian somerhalderIt's becoming more and more obvious that Ian Somerhalder loves him some drama -- the Vampire Diaries star and Fifty Shades of Grey movie hopeful milks press opportunities harder than the Kardashians. The boy is on fire. Take his latest Instagram, for example. Playing off his very public split from Nina Dobrev, Ian shares a pic that pokes fun at the attention he's getting ... by asking for attention.

Check out this picture of Ian and his newest fling holding hands:

ian somerhalder

A fan made this jaunty little iPhone case for Ian and the star did not miss the chance to share its statement with the world. Ian and costar Paul Wesley are in love! Laff.

I'm starting to forget that Ian was ever and actor and am beginning to view him like some socialite. Between the Nina rumors and the Fifty Shades rumors, you'd be hard pressed to find anything remotely factual about the guy.

Ian's working this break up to the bone -- next thing we know, he'll reveal Kris Jenner is his manager.

Think Ian's milking it too much or what?


Photo via iansomerhalder/Instagram

ian somerhalder


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Delia Gitu

Funny picture ! Ian is having a lot of fun.

nonmember avatar Natalie

Is is impossible for writers on this website to proofread? As my teenager would say, "Bro, do you even English?"

nonmember avatar Grace

Becoming more and more obvious that Ian Somerhalder no support imprensa very press drama press him his very public split from Nina Dobrev , Ian much funny and hilarious montage PARIS Nian 2012, photo! Ian my opinion is having a lot of fun in Londres beyond filming The Anomaly ...kkk... Ian is fantástic , I love you...

nonmember avatar yes

Thank jesus himself it was just about that picture i would not handle seeing him with another woman let me enjoy him being single for at least a year

Maria Maggou

well the writer should learn how to write in english first and then make fun about Ian.
ps. Ian is quite a funny guy! The photo is hilarious...so if Ian was doing something was offering us a good laugh!

Darlene Kuncytes Author

THAT is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOVE it and can't stop laughing!! Go Ian & Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia Barth

Ha Ha Ha why not be bro's in reality, good pic

Kaleesta Baiz

I think you are over reacting just a bit. He doesn't seem to be milking it at all. It seems to me that they are just joking around. I mean if I had paparazzi following my every move I would play it up a bit too.. Love Ian and Paul!

nonmember avatar Isha

because of this article Ian may/or may have removed that pic from his pics which is not good..it's an amazing fun picture of two great guys..&only their fans would understand and love the pic..and you guys go&spoil all the harmless adorable fun..don't you guys have a better article to write? for mercy's sake don't bring up that 50shades thing into every Ian article..!

Heather D Marr

he is not milking it.. when they broke up everyone made a big deal about it so he is just messing around and having fun..  people are way too judgemental... get a life people jeez

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