6 Christian Grey Contenders' Very First Jobs Give Us a Glimpse of Their Humble Beginnings (PHOTOS)

Ian SomerhalderWhen it comes to who will play Christian Grey, fans have some firm opinions. But there's no doubt that a small pack of hot dudes have captured the most attention and loyalty. It's hard to believe these hard bodies have ever done anything other than look good and be successful, but there was a time when they weren't famous and were struggling like most actors have to struggle before they hit the big time. Here's six top Christian Grey contenders and what they did before they became top choices for what could be the role of a lifetime.

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anjii anjii

What about Colin Egglesworth?!?!?

juneb... junebaby11

I think their all good looking but Christian grey is suppose to be really young isn't he?

Sassy... SassyGurl8

I think EL James have already given the role to a Brit actor named Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Google him and watch his interview. He mentioned he's going to film a movie in 2013, but he was cautioned NOT to mention it! He's 27 years old and quite handsome. He's also fluent in French and is 6'3 in height. He's both a model and an actor.

It seems as if James is hiring quite a lot of Brits. Did she just come to the USA for the financing? The shoot is also going to be in London. So, I'm not feeling the love for the movie anymore...oh, well...

Katy Keel

I'm so tired of all the 50 shades hype and rumors. I was super excited at first, but now it feels like it's all dragging on. I don't even care when the movie comes out anymore.

ryantine ryantine

Are we still talking about this? There have been a ton of other books out that are a whole lot better!!!

ksteel ksteel

Colin Egglesworth!!!!!!!!!!!!yes!!!

nonmember avatar hanna

MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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