Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want to Get Over Robert Pattinson by Having Meaningless Flings

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kristen stewartWondering who Kristen Stewart's next boyfriend is going to be? Well don't hold your breath -- there will be no rebound romance for Kristen. Her friends are saying KStew is in no hurry to find love. She isn't even angling for some get-over-Rob nookie. All she's focused on now is moving on from her heartbreak the healthy way. No flings for Kristen -- she's too grounded and romantic for that. Well, now she is, anyway. Maybe she's just learned from that affair she had with Rupert Sanders. Here's what a source told Hollywood Life.


She was super-depressed after the split, but now she has been getting out of the house to cope with the pain and it’s definitely helped. She’s looking toward the future. She’s mentioned dating other guys, but it’s definitely seemed to be something for the future, as she’s not a person who sleeps around or has rebounds. She’s very romantic and wants to make sure.

Well good for Kristen! That really is the best way to go for her. Am I right, ladies? Right after a breakup, especially after a relationship that lasted for years, you just need to figure out who you are and what you want. You need to connect with your friends -- sisters before misters, as I like to put it. (Doesn't that sound so much nicer than bros before hos?)

And yeah, she does need to get out of the house. But you know, I think a little alone-time for some introspection can be a good thing. Spending all of your time socializing can turn into just another way of numbing yourself from the pain. Not that we don't need a break from pain sometimes -- but there's a certain amount of quiet processing everyone should do after a split, too. That's what's really going to put "romantic" Kristen in the best position to take on whatever comes next in her life.

So party on, KStew. Just remember to take care of the inside of you, too. That's what's really going to cure your broken heart.

How do you think Kristen should get over Robert?


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Gloria Hovis

You know that would be the smartest thing she should do she need to spend some time with friends but also spend some time alone to emend her broken heart. I'm a fan of her's and Love her dearly and hope the best for her, so good luck Kristen wishing you the best of luck happiness, peace and of love, and Kristen be good to your self you take care of your self ok!good luck

Dieu Dang

Only time could help the healing. She did a good job so far, going to places, meeting kids at Hooter in Texas and stuff..Over all, she's as normal as anyone of us, so let she be herself, I'm sure time will heal her heart. She's a great, normal, human being....I hope she could do lots of charity works, b/c that's the best love she could share to others as many many people out there needed loves and support...

good luck K. Stew, you're cool

Cheryl Squires

I know this is their business, but would like to know what the texting with Rupert Sanders was about. Rob & Kristen made such and awesome couple, I hate to see this be the end. And as for her so called affair with Rupert Sanders, it wasn't like it went as far as having sex with him. I wish them both all the best.

nonmember avatar momma12/23/2011

Good for here sometimes times is all we need to heal to find the right

Katelyn Joyner

Your doing Exacaly what you should do after a breakup taking time away to unwide and be with friends taking what I call me time but getting out and really sorting out prioutes again. Also while the outer you may look ok to the public it's ok to take a 10 min break during the day to allow feeling of loss,  but remember you not defined by the relationship you had with Rob, and if it's meant to be you to will be together again.  Remember you are a good matured happy person who stand up for great causes and that is wat make you so loving and inspiring to so meany including me. You were Great and example moated before Rob and you will be afterward, Stay true to yourself and your beliefs and you will be fine.

nonmember avatar anonymous

A broken heart will always find it's way to happier days. Time and patience will heal a courageous and strong heart like Kristen's. Wish her the best in everything she does in life because life is a long journey that will lead her to greatness.

Billie Sue Boden-Lamb

Such a Beautiful Young Lady.. Rob will someday Regret what he has done..

Campell Aurora

Yes, as I said before I hope Kristen will get over the grieving process and live a healthy life and as beautiful and fresh as a sunflower. This is my blessing to Kristen. We all know youth is short-lived, so I hope Kristen would make good use of her youthful time to find ways to make herself happy and live meaningfully even without partner. I hope that with times when the youth fades, charisma and charm will take place. The media says you are gifted in dance. Whatsoevere, Kristen could make good use of time by learning dance, such as ballet, modern dance, Chinese dance. I am sure dancing is good to u, to help u keep in shape and to find a balance psychologically as well as make your appreance on the screen more rich, elegant and aristocratic. All my best wishes to you. When u grieve, cry it out but after that be the way you are used to be.


Kate Cooley

Probably a good idea, since it was a meaningless fling that drove him away in the first place.

Virginia Camporino

Gosh, Pattinson is such a moron, ambicius and obssesive guy., please stay far away from Kristen. She is a good actress, may be the only real girl in hollywwod, brutally honest, no fackness, very beautiful and a very strong woman. I have no doubt that she is now fine and will be fine in the future. I mean, she deserve a real man.

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