'RHOA' Porsha Stewart Gets What She Deserves in Divorce

Porsha StewartThough there's been speculation that Porsha and Kordell Stewart were faking their divorce for publicity, it's looking like it's the real deal. While it's not final yet, a judge did grant her spousal support this week.

According to Hip Hop Enquirer he has to pay her $5,000 a month for three months. That's no chump change. She didn't sign a prenup (big mistake, Porsha!), so who knows what will happen after that. For now though, it's something. And she really deserves something from him.

Typically I'm a bit on the fence when it comes to spousal support. If there are no children involved, and the other person is perfectly capable of supporting him or herself, then do they really deserve money from the other party? In this case, I'd say yes -- mostly because Kordell has been such a big ass throughout the whole thing.

First of all, poor Porsha found out about her divorce via Twitter. That's right, Kordell didn't even have the decency to talk about it with her. Then he changed the locks on the house they shared together. It wasn't healthy for her to be living there in light of their split anyway, but still it was a jerk move, and she needs somewhere to live. So I'd say he needs to pay up.

She may not need the money for long though, if her new reported romance with Ralo Wonder keeps moving head. The dude, who KpopStarz refers to as a "publishing guru, NASCAR team owner, reality show producer, TV, film and music mogul, is apparently loaded. If things get serious, she might really want to rethink her stance on those prenups though.

Do you think Kordell Stewart should have to pay spousal support?


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hexxuss hexxuss

JUST for the fact that she found out via Twitter & a phone call from her sister - and he was in the next room, I'd say hell yes he should pay up, since he obviously can't MAN up.

Rosie Henderson

Sounds like she can't be alone if she's going from one man to another so quickly. She's a turkey in the rain. She needs someone to support her bc I think she's too dumb to earn a living on her own.

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

OMG.....well , what can anyone say about that....shoild of signt the good old PRENUP !!!!!!!!

angryI bet she is very, very Angry 

Carolyn Koski-Van Bramer

Hed was a control freak on th show and still trying to control her.
She deserves 1/2 with or without a prenup. You know he tallked her out of the prenup/

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