'Real Housewife' Gretchen Rossi May Have Been Caught in a Big, Fat Lie


Gretchen and Slade

Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi has been dying to get in front of the camera more often and has gone to great lengths to realize her dream. Sadly, I've yet to see her do anything in front of a camera other than look very plastic while hawking her line of handbags.

Since Gretchen has the "Hollywood bug," it's also very obvious that she's super jealous of card-carrying SAG actress Heather Dubrow. This fact was made crystal clear when she was invited to attend a taping of Hot in Cleveland, in which Heather was a guest star, and not only showed up very late but then proceeded to spend the remainder of the time she was there playing on her phone. Perhaps being in the presence of Heather has finally taken its toll and pushed Gretchen over the edge because she may have just been caught telling the ultimate, embarrassing lie.

Gretchen has made it known that she has actress aspirations on the brain, but in this sneak peek of this week's Real Housewives of Orange County, she might have taken her blonde ambition to a whole new level of desperation.

Take a look:

Awww, I actually feel kind of bad for Gretchen, but she should have known that trying to pull the wool over Heather's eyes was never going to work. 

Of course, Vicki Gunvalson is more than happy to chime in and get in on the Gretchen-is-a-liarface bandwagon. And since Heather is extremely meticulous in all aspects of her personal and professional life, she TORE her husband a new one for even mentioning the "D word" in mixed company. That said, I'd be hardpressed to imagine that Heather would risk her reputation and lie.

I did think it was a little sleazy of Tamra to even bring this whole thing up and I'm not sure what her ulterior motives were, other than to stir up drama. Which worked! Although to be fair to Gretchen, she was not there to defend herself and I guess it's possible that Tamra misunderstood.

Is Gretchen a liarface (as Vicki Gunvalson referred to her) or is all of this just a horrible misunderstanding?

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar skipper

I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to call someone a LIARFACE! Lol! What a fun word.

Susan Morris

I really like Heather.  She's straight up!

Rosie Henderson

I like Gretchen. She's way more real than Vicki who is just a bitch towards her. Tamra flip flops with people don't she? Heather is cool, but she sure can hold a grudge. 

Lauri... Laurietozzi

Good bust Gretchen she's a fake lying bitch who only can have one friend but has none! Just people she uses to hurt others

Debbie Page Lazzara

HAha Skipper ,i thought the same thing too.  Lair face, love it

Barbara Palaith-Newson

Heather's husband tries to hard to be cute and funny.  He comes off ridiculous.

Paula Sacco Drabik

I love Heather!!   Gretchen on the other hand I do not like!  She is a liar and very jealous.  She needs to wear less makeup she looks like a clown!!!


Bijou... BijouBlossom

First off can't stand Vicki; Second Tamara does flip flop between friends & Third Gretchen just needs to not talk so much because she comes off stupid. Then we have Alexis who really is stupid.......


nonmember avatar Harley

Heather acts like she has a stick up her ass and is better than everyone else. Vicki and Tamra are digusting. Love Gretchen she is a goof ball who makes good TV. that new one whats her name? Linda, Lydia? She looks and acts like a 12 year old girl, I agree with Slimey Slade, eat a fricken cheeseburger.

nonmember avatar Bramlet

Gretchen is a living goddess. She is perfect in every way. The only real and honest one of the rhoc. Most of you women are just ridiculously jealous.

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