Courtney Stodden Presents Her New, Gigantic Breast Implants to the World

Courtney StoddenSweet baby J, say it isn't so. Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has actually started a trend. Another young lady desperate for fame has decided to make her already-large breasts a size bigger via implants -- and she graciously invited cameras along into the operating room. Also, she has a sex tape! I'll give you three guesses as to who it is: A) Courtney Stodden, B) Courtney Stodden, or C) Courtney Stodden.

If you answered B, you are correct. Courtney Stodden filmed her boob job. Moment of silence for humanity.

Courtney, who has always vehemently defended that all of her body parts are completely au natural, said that all this time she's just been wearing Victoria's Secret push-ups bras. Although her chest may have looked large (and fake), she claims to have merely been a C cup. Like America's role model, Farrah Abraham, she's now happily a DD. And, yes, she too had the entire processed video taped.

And taking yet another page out of Farrah's book, Courtney claims to have a sex tape of her own. No word on when it was filmed or who it was with, but Courtney isn't ruling out the option of bestowing it unto the world one day. "Never say never," Stodden said. "But as for today, my sex tape is private."

Hear that, guys? Farrah Abraham is actually a trail blazer. Women are seeing her new-found notoriety and are rushing out to follow in her footsteps. Vomit. Like Kim Kardashian paved the way for "leaked" sex tapes, Farrah is paving the way for filmed breast augmentations. I don't know about you, but if I was ever proud to be an American, this is it.

Shamefully, I watched Farrah's sex tape, and I'm a far worse person for it. There aren't enough unicorns and puppies in the world to unsee the horror that was Backdoor Teen Mom. But I will say this: I will never, ever watch Courtney Stodden get a boob job or have sex on camera. I have standards, you guys. They're clearly very low, but still. Standards. 

What do you think of this?

Image via Courtney Stodden/Twitter

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Tara Brock

omg goodness who would be inspired from such a train wreck 

shell... shellyplatz

They are both idiots, Courtney has issues. Her mother should have never let her marry a man that is old enough to be her father.


That's so nasty. Honestly who would want to watch her and her old ass husband do it? (I'm assuming that's who the "tape" would be with.) Yuck.

nonmember avatar Alice

Who cares if Courtney Stodden filmed her boob job... Nobody will watch it,why the hell would they?

Sara Servalis


Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's Bald, Sloppy Vagina vs Hillary Clinton's Hairy One

Sara Servalis


Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's Bald, Sloppy Vagina vs Hillary Clinton's Hairy One

Jennifer Kinghorn

Must be nice to be so rich that you can just do things like this with no worries and you dont have to do an honest days work to get any of it! If I had known at 16 that all you had to do was be a fucking slut and get pregnant to get fame and fortune I would have signed up! Instead this pathetic disgusting waste of skin can just throw her money around acting like a whore and meanwhile I work over 40 hours a week busting my ass and cant afford health insurance to get my sick husband well, let alone gratuitous disgusting plastic surgery that only makes her paycheck for being a waste of skin bigger... .kind of like her absurde stupid ugly fake boobs. I fucking hate the people of this world today.

Stephanie Bailey

farrah is the dumbest teen mom she is only famous for her stupidity 


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