Ian Somerhalder Says He's Sick of Going Out With Women Who Want to Have His Babies

ian somerhalderWith Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, if it's not one thing, it's another. The rumors surrounding their breakup are reaching Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart levels -- not only is there a new reason for the split everyday, but they're as contradictory as they come. One minute the Vampire Diaries co-stars ended their off-screen romance because Ian wanted to get married and Nina didn't, the next, Ian is saying that he's in noooo rush to settle down.

In an interview with a German magazine, the smoldering actor revealed:

I would be happy if a woman would just go for dinner with me, rather than wanting my babies straight away!

Could he be talking about Nina? Or perhaps this is a response to all the insane requests he gets on Twitter -- I'm sure more than just a handful of women have asked to have his babies.

Clearly, though, procreation is not the way to his heart. Food is the answer, ladies, and most specifically: dinner.


That must be the case. Add "Nina didn't let Ian eat dinner" to the list of possible reasons the two ultimately didn't work out. 

Bottom line, we'll probably never know the real reason behind their breakup, but the most realistic clue we've heard yet is that they changed, and grew apart.

And hey, that happens. It's not dramatic nor entertaining nor scandalous, but it just might be the truth. Sure, I think we'd all love a little more dirt (did Nina sleep with a director? Did Ian party too hard?) but sometimes, rarely, the truth isn't, in fact, stranger than fiction.

Why do you think Ian and Nina called it quits?


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ian somerhalder


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Venae Venae

Dude - just because you're dating them doesn't mean you have to have sex w/them.  To ensure you have no babies, you have two choices - don't have sex or get a vasectomy (and that's not totally foolproof).

Dolores Dion

i think she is just too young for him

nonmember avatar ISHA

Don't take whatever Ian says seriously...he was kidding....&there are lots of men who date and with in relationships who don't want to have kids..that doesn't mean they should all have a vasectomy..LOL

Lizzi... LizzieAnnesMom

I dont mind just doinnee, my tubes are getting tieid anyway!

hexxuss hexxuss

We still haven't heard from THEM that they officially split - only "sources"... wonder if they're the same "sources" who claimed that Miley & Liam split... you know - the couple who was out, holding hands, with her wearing her engagement ring very recently....

Raven Bob Clark

Why does everyone always assume the girl slept with the director? Instead of the guy?

Raven Bob Clark

I don't think they cheated on each other or partied too hard.

Robyn Lefever

okay ian i only want to go to dinner with you. i dont want to have your babies, and i dont want to have sex. dinner and looking into them beautiful blue eyes is enough for me.

nonmember avatar Tina

Awww... I'll go out to dinner with him. I can't have no more babies so no worries with me wanting to have his baby "straight away" ;)

nonmember avatar Camy

Who cares? They split, move on...they should be enjoying the dating scene. No need to rush to the alter and having babies

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