Jenelle Evans' Mom's Opinion About Her New Boyfriend Means Nothing

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan GriffithAside from Jenelle Evans' trip to the hospital yesterday after feeling a lump in her throat, things with the Teen Mom star have been surprisingly quiet lately. I think it's safe to say the reason for that is her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. The underwear model with a steady job and paycheck has been dating Jenelle for a few weeks now, and the duo recently moved into a new place together.

Hmmm, a little alarming, yes. But what's even more worrisome is Jenelle's mother Barbara's opinion of the whole thing. The Teen Mom star tweeted to a doubtful fan last night that Jenelle's mom is "very happy" for her and her boyfriend Nate.

A mom who is very happy about her daughter moving in with her spankin' new boyfriend of not even a month? This is the same mom who didn't hate Courtland Rogers, right? Yeah ... not exactly sure if her moral compass is reliable.

Let's reflect on Jenelle's last relationship, shall we? Remember when Jenelle bragged about how cute her mom and Courtland were chatting in the car? How it was clear they had a great relationship? Yeah, this is the same guy who is currently sitting behind bars for heroin possession and assault.

I'm not saying that Nathan isn't a good guy. Like I mentioned, he has a steady job, a paycheck, and seems to be head-over-heels for Jenelle. But if we've learned anything, it's that just because Jenelle's mom likes one of her boyfriends doesn't mean the situation is good for her. In fact, it doesn't hold all that much weight at all. Sure, it's good for Jenelle's mind that she knows her mom "approves." However, that doesn't mean that the relationship or situation is good for her.

Plain and simple: Jenelle is moving VERY fast with this Nathan character, and with her history, that's usually not such a good thing. Who knows? Maybe this could finally be the guy to change Jenelle's bad habits, stop her from going on endless Twitter rants, and put an end to her destructive behavior. I say that with the highest of doubts, though.

Do you think Nathan and Jenelle are good together?


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nonmember avatar Dana

She does this with every new guy. She hasn't learned to take it slower yet.

Janet Minutolo

Doesn't she know we like her better when we don't know she exists.

Desir... DesireExtraE

Janelle's mother has learned that Janelle is going to do what she's going to do.  When have you ever seen Janelle listen to any of her mother's advice.  She knows if she says anything negative especially publicly, it's just going to cause a yell feast between the two.  Have you not figured that out yet?

nonmember avatar Jenna

I just don't understand why a decent man with a head on his shoulders would involve himself in the destructive suck that is Jenelle and her life. Gary had everything going for him and now a very promising career is ruined

nonmember avatar Kailey

It's not our life let her do whatever she wants without people judging her and putting her down!!

nonmember avatar katie

i hope she does good wit this one. i try to see the best in ppl. i want to see her life back together an get jace back thats the most important

Debra Bates

who care  where her little  boy  she should be worryed about raiseing  him  barbara raised janelle it,s janellle turn   to raise her son  i see how some kid,s are today  thay have the babys and mommy & daddy ends up raiseing  the baby  grow up janelle be a mom to hell with te boyfriend 



Sharee Lehtomaki

For one you cant love someone eles until you learn to love your self, an if these men had a  head on there shoulder they wouldnt be with her because they would know that she dont give to damns about her son, so why do they think when it comes time for them to settle down n have kids that shell give to damns about that kid either so they would be a single dad raiseing a kid an that isnt far to the guy nor the kid.... so i think if i was these guys i would tell her get a life an when she gets her life straight then i think she could worry about dating, she needs to get her prioties straight, because my kids are first then my boyfriend is next, actually even his daughter comes before he does, so you never leave your kid behind you... So i think for these guys its just  a fun time because they never wanna settle down with her....

lovem... lovemy2sons25

She reminds me of my older sister so much!! My sister is 28 has 3 kids (none of them live with her) and STILL hasn't got her shit together yet. Its sad.

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