Melissa Gorga’s Response to Joe Giudice Cheating Rumors Pretty Much Confirms They’re True (VIDEO)

melissa gorgaMelissa Gorga must think we're idiots. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member went on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live and totally lied to our faces. When asked what she thought of arch-enemy Teresa Giudice's husband Joe Giudice's cheating scandal, Melissa suddenly acted like she has some sort of moral code.

She said:

I draw the line there, I don’t want to talk about their marriage. I think that they’re very happy, they have kids. I think all marriages have their ups and downs and they’re fighting through any situations.

That "no comment" response of hers is pretty much the confirmation we needed that Joe Giudice is 100 percent cheating. Not that there was any doubt after he was caught grunting on the phone in the vineyard, but still, if Melissa knew everything was hunky-dory with Teresa and Joe, she probably would have defended them further, seeing as they're in a "better place" now.

Speaking of this "better place", I don't buy that, either. There's no WAY everyone's kissed and made up after all the hurt they've been through. And honestly, if I were Melissa, I'd never forgive Teresa. I'd be cordial and whatever, but there's no way in hell I'd let her off the hook for all the damage she's caused. I mean, Teresa seems evil.

It'd be nice if Melissa didn't hold back on us. She clearly has thoughts on the subject of Joe and Teresa -- it'd be awesome to know how she really feels.

But who knows, maybe she's saving all those revelations for the reunion. Here's hoping!

Do you think Melissa is holding back?

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Susan Harrison

does anyone care what that fat little ugly troll does?

Morgaine Swann

I like Teresa - she's a little intense, and she cares a little too much about being right, but I love her and her kids. Melissa is mean. I love her kids but she hates Teresa and tries really hard to keep her husband isolated. He's a creep who needs to stop saying x-rated stuff in front of his kids, anyway, but T. loves him.

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