'Couples Therapy' Recap: Catelynn Lowell Needs to Get Past Her Past

Catelynn Lowell Couples TherapyWhen Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were announced as one of the couples on season three of Couples Therapy, it was certainly shocking. The Teen Mom stars have been nothing if not devoted to one another, and they're planning a wedding! But after tonight's episode of the VH1 series, we're starting to see why these two young lovebirds need the help of celebrity therapist Jenn Berman.

Berman spent much of tonight's episode focused on the very heavy problems of Flavor Flav and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Trujillo, and those of Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis  and his girlfriend Abby Wilson. But when she got Catelynn to open up on why a couple headed for the alter later this year would turn to therapy, she unearthed her Achilles heel.

Catelynn, it turns out, is a people pleaser. Her dad left when she was 12. Her alcoholic mom kicked her out on the streets when she was 14.

Most of this could be gleaned from her unhappy home life on Teen Mom, but that was a show about teen pregnancy. It didn't focus much on what Catelynn's childhood has done to her relationships.

Because of her fears of abandonment, Catelynn is desperate to keep Tyler from running away that she'll do anything to make him happy -- even if it means hiding uncomfortable truths that would make him bolt.

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Not surprisingly, this is not good for a relationship. But if the fans who fell in love with this couple's pluck and determination on Teen Mom were worried, they shouldn't be.

Because while Catelynn has a lot of demons she needs to slay, she does have Tyler at her side.

As he told Berman, "From day one, she was born and raised to just lie."

Lesser guys than him would be angry about Catelynn lying but not really willing to address the root cause. Tyler seems to really understand why she makes poor choices, and he's willing to work with her to get past them.

She's lucky to have him! 

But that doesn't mean she can keep lying. If she wants this marriage to work, the best thing she can do is be honest. Fortunately, she's found a guy who can handle it.

Are you surprised that Tyler sticks by Catelynn's side?


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Spooky80 Spooky80

you know what....I remember watching a teen mom reunion show with dr drew a while back and I remember catelynn was on there swearing up and down that she used to lie and doesnt anymore and that she's always honest with everyone around her no matter what and mind you this show aired a few YEARS ago.....and on couples therapy she says that "less than a year ago" she kept lying so I guess when she was on the teen mom reunion show a few years back she was lying through her teeth about being honest to everyone and she also lied on couples therapy because she STILL has a lying problem! and she always will be a liar! but then again they went on the show for money and if you watch them closely you can tell that catelynn and tyler dont have any major problems they get along way too well to even be on couples therapy but then again the show is staged and they are all just acting!!

Amanda Hughes

I am not surprised the Tyler has stood my Catelynn so long! he loves her that is clear but he has the same dad as her mom and totally understands her! he hasn't ever given up on his father, who has disappointed him time and time again, why would he give up on Catelynn!!!! they have been through more then two children their age should ever have too!.

Sindy Hudoba-Johnson

 Tyler unlike most guys is one hell of a guy who don't run from a problem. he faces things head on and gets over it. Catelynn is a very lucky girl and she knows it. They will have a good life together.


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