15 Inspiring Disney Quotes That'll Guide You Through Life (PHOTOS)

Disney CastleDisney movies: there's nothing like 'em. Growing up, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, they were my role models. I mean, sure, Mom had a lot to offer and all, but sit me in front of a television to spend some quality time with Princess Jasmine and I was golden. Remember Abu?! That little monkey was the best!

And boy is there a lot to learn from these classic flicks. That Walt Disney had a spectacular way of weaving in things (and not just sexual ones, either) to his works. While 6-year-old me used to think the point of The Lion King was just to watch a bunch of cute lion cubs rolling around, I was actually learning things (which, of course, Mom knew). Big things. Life lessons, even.

Disney classics have loads and loads of touching, heartfelt lessons that kiddos everywhere are taking in every day. Do yourself a favor and take a looksee at these 15 inspiring Disney quotes that'll guide you through life. Then I give you permission to rent 'em all, STAT.


What's your favorite Disney movie?


Image via Elsie esq./Flickr

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