Sexy Model David Gandy Should Play Christian Grey in '50 Shades' Movie

david gandyIf your subconscious has driven you to purchase a terrifically over-priced bottle of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, it's probably because David Gandy made you do it. In the ad, he's the hot guy in the white Speedo, and once his azure gaze locks with yours, it's game over. The man's so hot he could melt the plastic surgery right off Farrah Abraham's face. Not sure if those Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting people have considered him yet, but let this be his official induction into the race to land the role of Christian Grey.

First of all, he's got the look. The 33-year-old model from Britain is perfectly smoldering and sexy. He's so physically stunning, in fact, Dolce & Gabbana made a 280-page pictorial coffee table book that features his gorgeous work over the years. Two hundred and eighty pages, people.

Second of all, he's got the brains. Gandy has a regular blog on Vogue where he talks about his career, his life, and fashion. He's guest edited London's Evening Standard and graduated from college with a degree in Marketing.

So he's got the beauty and the brains, but does he have the talent? Well, hmm. Gandy doesn't have any acting under his belt per se, but what more do we need in a Christian than someone who can look sexy and deliver lines like, “I found some baby oil. Let me rub it on your behind”? I mean, we don't need an Oscar-winner here. Just a smokeshow who doesn't mind getting it on on camera.

David's perfect for the part. Here's hoping I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Do you think David Gandy would make a great Christian Grey?


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fifty shades of grey


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cray8907 cray8907

I think he's very handsome, but not 50 shades material.

cmjaz cmjaz

I vote for that guy that lost a leg in the war and now he's a super hot model

keelh... keelhaulrose

Every day this site has a new suggestion or speculation as to who is going to be in 50 Shades. You'd think this would be the biggest movie ever, but at this rate by the time it actually comes out everyone will have forgotten the book.

MJ Barnaby

No way! He looks a bit old, and doesn't have the right look for Christian. Henry Cavill all the way :)

Elizabeth Morse Rhodes

He looks too old. Actually Raine Miller's "The Blackstone Affair" books were written with David Gandy in mind as the Ethan Blackstone character. Her discription of him in the book is uncanny. On her facebook page, David is pictured as Ethan Blackstone. If it ever becomes a movie, I know he will be asked by the Miller.

Sassy... SassyGurl8

He looks sexy enough, but I still like Henry; however, now that they've announced a director who's virtually unknown, I'm not sure if Henry should take the role!

nonmember avatar Ashley

Nope. Not Christian Grey material.

Rosa Jara Orias

la verdad si es guapo pero se ve mayor que MATT e incluso mayor que IAN no megusta

nonmember avatar Dott

Umm.. No!? He's WAY too old!! And seriously, go watch the Dolce & Gabbana commercials and keep an eye on his teeny little package. It's shows his little golf ball sized package. It's terrible. Do they really expect someone with such 'little manhood' to play such a sexually talented man??

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