'Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards' Love for Maci Is All a Show

Maci BookoutThe love fest between Maci Bookout and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Ryan Edwards continues on Twitter. Ryan tweeted that he's thankful for Maci in his life, and she's right up there with his mom and dad and Bentley. Pretty high praise, right? And yet ... why was this not something he displayed earlier? 

Ryan is no angel when it comes to Maci even if he plays one on Twitter. Even up until the end of the final season, Ryan was being difficult and making things very hard for his once girlfriend and the mother of his son Bentley. He IS lucky to have her and so is Bentley. She does a lot of good for their son and Bentley is growing up really well.

Ryan knows how to play his cards. He knows from experience that he gets hated when he is mean to Maci (does anyone remember the early deadbeat episodes?), so now he is super nice. On Twitter. But what about in real life?

Call me cynical, but I think the new and improved Ryan is a complete faker. I don't buy his "sweet" act for a second.

Ryan made no secret about not wanting to be a dad at first. He treated Maci badly. He gave her a hard time when she moved in with Kyle and when she sent Bentley to preschool and when she had child support issues.

If he were REALLY appreciative and not just wanting to look good on social media, he would treat her better in person.

It's all very good and sweet for Bentley that these two get along, and hell, I would love to see them get back together as much as anyone. But let's not kid ourselves and pretend like they are this happy in person.

The drama you saw on MTV wasn't entirely made up for TV. Some of it was very real, indeed, and Ryan still has a lot to apologize for.

Do you think Ryan is sincerely all about Maci now?


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nonmember avatar Ashley

You make fair points, but I think not having the cameras or the pressure to CREATE drama for storylines has helped. I won't defend anything Ryan did while one the show (though, to be fair, there WERE double standards and Maci was a bit hypocritical) but now Maci and Ryan seem to be fine. They even photograph themselves spending time with Bentley together and I doubt Maci would be around Ryan if he wasn't treating her well. I think not being filmed and both of them maturing has made all the difference in the world.

nonmember avatar J

Ummm, I like Maci but she has a lot to apologize for too. Ryan was no angel but she was manipulative and used Bentely as well. It's obvious she never got over him or she wouldn't have acted the way she did. When there are no more feelings it is a lot different. I hope they do get back together, as more mature, experienced adults. But they both have a lot to apologize for and change for the future.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Nope I think Ryan is trying to make his self look good!!! Maci you're a wonderful mom to Bentley

nonmember avatar Tasha

The was and is that Maci is far more mature than Ryan. She's acts like an adult with a child and he acts like a child. I don't think he would have been there for Bently at all if not for his parents and know the world was watching... He's slightly less of a douche bag as Adam!!!

Sindy Hudoba-Johnson

 Maci is a great mom and Bentley is a very lucky boy. As for Ryan he will never grow up but he seems to be an ok dad.

nonmember avatar latoya

I think Ryan has grown up a lot from what I can tell. They were both still young when they were taping the show. Im glad that both of them are great parents to Bentley,but I also think its worth a shot to try at there relationship now that they r older. At least they can look back n say they tried to Bentley.

shell... shellyplatz

Ryan has been horrible to her and his parents sure didn't discourage his behavior! They should have made him man up a long time ago. They enable his poor behavior and they enabled him to not work when he should have been.

Jasmine Alston

i think she a good mother


Spooky80 Spooky80

maci probably has been sleeping with ryan behind taylor's back for months it seems like she is cheating on taylor with ryan.....badtsk tsk

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