Selma Blair Fired From 'Anger Management' Because Cranky Charlie Sheen Can't Handle Criticism

Selma Blair and Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen finally got his way. After reports of bickering between him and his Anger Management co-star, Selma Blair, things came to a head this evening. According to TMZ, Blair -- who played Dr. Kate Wales -- has officially been fired from the show

Apparently she didn't like Sheen's work ethic, which I have no problem believing was less than stellar. Charlie didn't like her badmouthing him though and reportedly went to the producers and gave them an ultimatum -- him or her. A statement released from Lionsgate would indicate they chose him: "We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best."

Harsh, especially since they're just about halfway through the 90-episode season. But not as harsh as the way in which Sheen reportedly delivered the news to Blair.

According to Yahoo, Sheen told her she was fired via text. In that text he also supposedly called her a c#nt. Classy, huh? Apparently Blair wasn't the only one who had a problem with his work ethic, but she's the one who's taking the heat.

I'm not a fan of the show, so I don't really care who comes or goes, but what a jerk move by Sheen. If he hasn't gotten used to people saying negative things about him and questioning his behavior by now, that's pretty sad. And to go after someone's career just because they hurt your feelings is downright childish. I'd say that we expected better of Sheen, but that would be a big, laughable lie.

As for who will replace Blair, while some say Sheen wants Mila Kunis to do it, Yahoo says the role won't be recast. Rather the show -- which has seen a ratings decline -- will try to use her departure to revamp it. If they do bring on someone new, he or she better hope Sheen learns to manage his anger better when it comes to his co-stars.

Do you watch Anger Management? Are you sad to see Selma Blair fired?


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Have never seen the show but you don't go badmouthing the "star". It's his show. I remember when the woman who played Will Smiths mom on his show had issues with him,she to was given the boot. Ain't no secret what Charlie is. She knew that going in,it shouldn't have surprised her.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

She didn't badmouth the star. She went to producers with valid concerns. It never should have gotten back to him. I hope she sues.

hexxuss hexxuss

Agreed TruthTeller - in any work environment, you're supposed to be able to go to the people in charge to fix things.  In this case, sadly, it would be fixing Charlie Sheen, and you can't fix stupid, no matter how much duct tape you have. Hope his show continues to tank & they ALL get the boot.  Won't be his first time, he should be used to it by now.  To think I was such a fan years (and years) ago.

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