Lil Wayne's Excuse for Stomping Flag Shows How Cowardly He Really Is (VIDEO)

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Lil WayneThere's one surefire way to get publicity in this country, and that's to "accidentally" expose an intimate part of your naked body during what's now commonly referred to as a wardrobe malfunction. The second way, apparently, is to be caught on video stepping all over an American flag. Lil Wayne may be under fire for the latter, but let's just take a brief moment to heave a collective sigh of relief he's not making headlines for the former, okay? (Lil' Wayne's probably-tattooed, gold-toothed penis: NOW YOU CAN'T MENTALLY UNSEE IT.)

So if you missed the flag freakout, it's all centered around the music video Lil Wayne was filming in New Orleans over the weekend. In the clip, an American flag falls to the ground behind him, then he proceeds to walk back and forth on it while singing "God Bless Amerika."

Predictable, plenty of people went insane with rage. In fact, reactions may have been a Lil too much for Wayne -- because wait until you hear his excuse for the flag-trampling.

(Lil too much? Eh? Eh?)

Ahem. Anyway, so I assumed that Lil Wayne's reason for stepping on the flag was to express disrespect, being as how the lyrics to his song include lines like, "God bless America / This ole' godless Amerika ... Damn, military minded, lost and can’t find it / The stars on the flag are never shining."

Flag desecration is often used to make a political point, and it's an act that usually gets a LOT of attention. Lil Wayne's behind-the-scenes video pretty much went viral over the weekend, and now I'm wondering if the backlash -- which he TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED -- ended up freaking him out or something. Because here's what he posted today:

Haaaaa. Oh come on, dude. I wasn't personally offended by the flag thing but what a chickenshit response. Please observe this video and tell me if there's any possible way he didn't realize he was stepping on the fabric:

The flag was dropped on purpose (they're never supposed to touch the ground, right?), he stepped on it on purpose. It's perfectly legal to insult the symbol of your country, but you'd better have the stones to deal with the outrage when it comes your way. God bless American celebrities ... where once the negative press rolls in, they wimp out on Twitter.

What do you think of Lil Wayne's excuse? Are you buying it?

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Evelyn Braman

go home lil wayne ur drunk

belon... belongs2Jesus

14 seconds he looked down. If he didn't see it under his feet then he's as blind as a bat. NO he did it on purpose otherwise when he looked down he would have got off. Total and complete disrespect for what that flag stands for. He needs to get  out of America.

nonmember avatar Christina

Ok so he didnt make the best decisions, but he is hardly "trampling" the flag. Yes he should have known they shouldnt touch the ground but obviously his explanation is the truth. Come on people this is a SSSSTTTTRRRREEETTTTCCCHHHH!!!!!

Amy Lemmon

he trampled the flag by WALKING ON IT!!!! it is ignorant our troops fight and die for that flag for our freedom so an asshole like lil wayne can drop it on the ground and proceed to walk on it is disrespectful

2army... 2armyboyzzz

NEVERMIND if he trampled on it or not...the flag is never to hit the ground....the American flag is never to touch the ground or it's considered disrespectful....research proper e dictate of the American flag...and he is a fool...our soldiers go to third world countries never knowing if they will make it out alive and this pampas ass has some lame excuse he's from the ghetto...yeah fool so am i and I know how to support my troops. At least be man enough to admit ur wrong... That's not art it's disrespect but what do we expect from a fool who uses e N word every other word......not acceptable either....and ur Benjamin's gonna run out and then what ya gonna sing about.....

nonmember avatar ArmyWife

Ok so I dont think anything should be worshiped as if a holy shrine. Yes it is just a flag BUT a BIG BIG thing for me, I dont see it as a shrine for a country. I see it as a symbol of respect and honor to those who have fought and DIED for our country! The ones who pay the ultimate price doing what they feel is right! Families that have lost loved ones fighting our wars hold dear to our flag because of that honor! NOT because its a holy piece of fabric that deserves to be worshiped. I think its very disrespectful to the ones we've lost in battle, their families... for him to drop it and step on it. He didnt see it? Bull****! Disrespectful & a liar! I DID like lil wayne, Not anymore! God bless our troops from one military family to the others! Thank you!!!

nonmember avatar formulas7002

There is NO EXCUSE to stomp on the American flag - EVER. I would much prefer to see Lil Wayne's a$$ stomped. He sure posted a lame a$$ response...Once a traitor with zero respect for country and flag - ALWAYS A TRAITOR!!!!

nonmember avatar Eva Tunstall

He's is ridiculous and I as a military wife am livid!! Of course he has a chicken shit response, and he knows that was on purpose! And it irks me that he thinks he is hot shit.. Sorry but Lil Wayne you will never be as important as all the military men and women fighting for your dumbass to be able to make music and videos.

Maggie Pagan Carr

He felt the Flag fall, so he should had just picked it up. He stepped on it and it tells me that she does not care about our troops fighting for HIM. He is so NASTYand DISRESPECTFUL. BOMBACLAT!!!

Barbara Walker

I am my boy listen to his music.... but not after this day my husband fights for his freedom and that was like a slap in the face to my family and friends who serve this counrty!!!!!!

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