'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Being Bullied -- No, Really

Farrah AbrahamRaise your hand if the life Farrah Abraham has made for herself is nothing like you expected back in her Teen Mom days. The MTV reality star turned porn star turned reality star (again!) is certainly raising eyebrows with her choices these days. But it's hard not to feel bad for a girl who feels like she's being bullied.

Yes, I said it. I feel bad for Farrah.

The former Teen Mom star gave a series of definitions of bullying on her Twitter account this week, ending the lecture with thoughts on the people who criticize her choices:

Laughing at all the #WannaBeBullies today :)) #ThankYouHaters such #WannaB's #GoCry ask someone for a hug if you can't handle life :)

Hate on her all you want ... and disagree with her choices, but she's got a point. No one deserves to be bullied.

So what's the difference between disagreeing with Farrah and bullying her?

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Let's just say that calling her a "whore" or "dumb b--ch" goes beyond a thoughtful critique of her admittedly very public choices. And I've seen both lobbed at her on a frequent basis, along with a string of other choice phrases. 

It is possible in this world to have a discussion without turning to base insults, but it's increasingly rare. The obsession with our celebrities in particular has brought out the dark side of humanity: people who think they have ownership in women like Farrah and who choose to flex their rather cruel muscles.

Farrah is in the public eye. She's chosen that. She's chosen to do some really smart things with her life and some dumb ones too.

But that doesn't make it any more appropriate to hurl insults at her than it would if she were a regular jane standing in front of you. 

Disagree with her. Tell her she's wrong. Go ahead.

But don't be a bully.

Because the only one who comes out of that discussion looking bad is you.

Do you think Farrah is right? Is she being bullied?


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mande... manderspanders

Nope.  If you want to live in the spotlight, then this is what comes with it.

A whore is defined by Webster's dictionary as a woman who engages in sexual acts for money.

So, she IS a whore.  If the shoe fits... 

nonmember avatar Greg G

Someone needs to drill in this idiots head how delusional she is. She thinks she is a role model for people and her daughter. Shes a porn star whos doing porn star things. Nothing role model about that.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

At a certain point, "whore" stops being an insult and becomes a statement of fact. And that point is when you make and sell a porn tape.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I don't know if the word "bully" is accurate, but I do find it sad that otherwise intelligent women lower themselves to a low standard and call her names.  It's odd that this woman elicits such hateful reactions out of people.  If you don't like her, ignore her.  She will go away.  She feeds off of attention.  It's not just Farrah, either.  I've seen it in real life.  I have yet to figure out what causes decent, wonderful women to call other women such vile names.  Once you resort to the low class name calling, you're really no better than the person you're attacking. 

hexxuss hexxuss

Chanandler - couldn't agree more.

purra... purracious

The fact that we as a society glorify certain people because of their social status makes me sick.

nonmember avatar Anderson5

No Farrah is NOT be bullied. If she would just stop and fall back and keep her mouth shut it would get better..but SHE chooses not to.

nonmember avatar Eric

The author wrote a whole paragraph about her CHOOSING to be in the public eye. The 1st amendment has been consistantly been challenged by dim wits, like this author who say, that people should be censored in a public forum. (Check out the Supreme Court case of Jerry Fallwell vs Larry Flint). It's a sad sad day when a journalist, who has a job dependant on the 1st amendment, goes and speaks on public censorship. Let Farrah Abraham grow up and take her criticisms like an adult and let this author go to North Korea and learn what freedom of speech is about.

nonmember avatar Caeleigh

I agree with mandersspanders....she got paid for having sex....they have a word for that. I wouldn't give two poops if this person sells her body to the highest bidder. My problem with this woman is that she never owns anything. You made a porno...own it. You drank excessively then got behind the wheel, turned the car on and pressed on the gas. I don't care how far the car went or why you did it. You drove drunk.....own it. You ARE a complete bitch on camera so why would I think you are any different OFF camera.....own it.

Andrea Stanford Reynolds

Remember how she used to bully her own mother before her and Sophie moved to FL?! Looks to be getting a taste of her own medicine!

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