'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Lauri Peterson Drops a Big Bombshell About Brooks Ayers

RHOCWell, isn't Lauri Peterson just the holder of all of the O.C.'s dirty little secrets? She's appeared exactly twice this season on RHOC, and both times she's done nothing but dish some pretty dirty dirt. First, she told Gretchen Rossi all about Vicki Gunvalson's alleged affairs and time in bed with another woman. Then tonight, she came to Lydia McLaughlin's salsa party armed with some shocking accusations about Vicki's man, Brooks Ayers.

She said that he's dating her daughter's friend who may be a stripper/porn star. "She gets paid to do some questionable activities," Lauri told Tamra Barney. And here Tamra was all ready to move on and try to tolerate Brooks. This, of course, just reaffirmed every suspicion she and the whole world have had about him and his sneaky ways all along. 

Previews for next week show Vicki crying over it all, so it will be interesting to see how he worms his way out of this one. Since he was at Tamra's wedding this past weekend, we know he's still in the picture, so he definitely wormed somehow.

One thing is abundantly clear -- Lauri has it out for Vicki. She's determined to take her down one way or another. While I don't put anything by slimy Brooks, I do think it's pretty low for Lauri to be spreading these rumors about Vicki and her life. If what she says is true (or she believes it to be true), then she should go tell Vicki herself or shut her mouth.

Meanwhile it seems Gretchen and Slade Smiley are quickly becoming the couple to hate. Lydia was all over Slade, slamming him for whispering about her weight to Gretchen and calling her "cheeseburger," and would not let it slide. Then she called him out for calling Vicki "Miss Piggy," and when he denied it, she really tore into him. "Oh I see how you are. You're never going to take responsibility for anything." Pretty much.

As for Gretchen, Tamra may be trading her BFF bracelet in for one with Vicki. Tamra has started getting sick of Gretchen's me-me-me-I-I-I personality, and her whole tantrum about not going wedding dress shopping if Alexis Bellino goes was just childish and rude. If she doesn't show next week, things could be bad. Maybe that's why Tamra didn't ask her to be a bridesmaid?

Do you think what Lauri said about Brooks is true? Do you think Tamra and Gretchen's friendship will last?


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Chris L Ward

Whether the rumor about Brooks is true or false doesn't interest me. What really surprised me was the fact that Laurie admitted that one of her daughters is friends with a porn/stripper. Laurie mind your own business and worry about your daughter!

Jilly Wolfenbarger-Roberts

IN Mexico and ran from the other two, laughing all the way about leaving them and the other two mean girls barely protested. Then when Gretchen who had planned the whole thing said anything, she was whining. Vicki and Tamra have been in hate for a year and Gretchen let go of all the mean and hypocritical things her and Vicki had said for years. Now Tamra wants Vicki back after one drunken night. Lydia was ridiculous with the cheeseburger thing, I heard him say it, so it doesn't seem like whispering. If you ask me the little pot stirrer is quickly turning into the bitch of the season. MIss Piggy talked so much about Slad IT WAS RIDICULOUS, BUT WHEN IT WAS POINTED OUT HER bf DOESNT PAY HIS CHILD SUPPORT, SHE WENT BALLISTIC. She IS A CONTROLLING, mean spirited, jealous liar and backstabber. Tamra is a monkey who follows the the leader.

blunt... bluntcakes

I used to really like Vicky, watching passed episodes she was so beautiful but now I see nothing but pettiness in her eyes.

nonmember avatar Mandy

Vicki is one vile woman. I truly feel sorry for her children. Karma is a b*tch Vicky and you deserve a heaping helping of it!! I hope Gretchen is up to the job.

Klang... Klangdale

I used to be a Gretchen fan but she is now at the bottom. She has let Slade rub off on her. Lydia is awesome..as she put it..she is direct..which is what this show needs. Someone who is going to call it how she sees it and make you answer for your actions. Instead of the petty crap she addresses it right away. And Slade was NOT making a joke...he is so flippin insecure that he has to constantly be making jabs at the ladies. Tamara JUST FLOCKS TO WHOMEVER IS KISSING HER ASS AT THE TIME.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

If people remember when the girls were at dinner in Mexico, Gretchen and Heather didn't want to party the first night, they wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep. So that is what they ended up doing, why is Gretchen and Heather bitching now that they were left behind?  They didn't want to party the first night, so they should shut up about that. Gretchen is the one who doesn't want Tamra to have any other friends, at first it looked like it was just Vicki, now she is throwing a fit about Tamra being friends with Alexis!! It's becoming obvious how petty Gretchen really is. I'm glad that Lydia called out Slade, he thinks he can insult everyone and get away with it and he did call Vicki "Miss Piggy"!!  At least Vicki is fun, Gretchen is nothing but a self-centered whine bag. Lauri should crawl back under her rock and stay there, she should stop spreading rumors behind people's backs and start telling them to their faces. When she came face to face with Vicki last night she was all lovey dovey.....

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Forgot to add: Brooks is just a loser, Vicki please get rid of him and find someone else who will love you and not your money....

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

Brooks is a Shady Man and Vicky falls for anything he says to her.....what a dumb, dumb women, she is an older women and still so NAIVE when it comes to Mr. Wanne Be Brooks, the 15 minutes of Famer......I wish she would just drop his A*** and never look bakc, but she keeps on saying that she is in Love with him, and I hope that will change and we all know they been seeing each other more then she says.....And no I do not feel sorry for Vicky she made her bed and she has to lay in it.....shoutingLISTEN TO PEOPLE VICKY !!!!!!

Reali... Realityaddict

I hope Laurie takes Vicki down...I am so sick of Vicki I could stop watchng the show!  She is disgusting!  Good for Lydia for calling it out like it is!  Love that about Lydia.  Slade is a Slime and Brooks is too so Gretchen and Vicki both are losers to hang with people like that.  You are what company you keep

Joyce H Reiss

Glad that Lydia lit into Slade.  I was beginning to like how he had gotten involved with his sick son. I wonder if he's paid his past due child support  as that is no longer mentioned. Gretchen is becoming just like him.  What a petty jealous person she has turned out to be.  As for Lauri she is a real bitch.  Guess she's trying to get another 15 minutes of fame!

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