Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Are Trying to Avoid an Ugly Fight After Their Breakup

Ian Somerhalder & Nina DobrevIt feels like just yesterday we got the big news that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were breaking up after three years of dating. The couple, who met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, seemed perfect for each other. They seemed like they were in it for the long haul. Regardless, since the split, both Ian & Nina have been upset about the negative press their breakup is getting. Meanwhile, Nina's working out to release the stress, and Ian, well, he's busy hoping for that Christian Grey role (or wait, is that just us?).

The latest on the former couple? Apparently Nina and Ian are trying their best to avoid confrontation and hurting each other further. Wow. That's so ... mature! Why deal with nasty issues when things could be just fine (well, as fine as can be) apart? Why re-hatch that heartbreak?

If you ask me, these two vampire stars are taking the high road.

They're taking the high road by not bashing each other publicly, that's for sure. By avoiding the tabloids and all the negative banter, the two of them look better and much more mature. I mean, come on -- when was the last time two celebs broke up and you didn't hear one slanted side in a tabloid soon after? Ian and Nina clearly have the right attitude about all of this. They have respect for the great love that they had.

Plus, I'm sure that not having a bunch of negative banter in the press is good for their individual careers, too. At least in my mind, I'd rather be under the radar than loud and proud like Lindsay Lohan or, even worse, Amanda Bynes. Let's just hope the twosome can ride out this confrontation-less wave in private for as long as possible.

Were you a fan of Ian and Nina together?


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nonmember avatar CC

Avoid?? People do realize that Ian has been living in London during May/June as he has quite a large part in The Anomaly movie being shot there?

nonmember avatar JZ

*further. Sigh.

nonmember avatar nini

CC I agree with you. these articles a ridiculous. first off wasnt this the very same site that just last week questioned if they were really split up because no one has moved out and his cats are still with her. Now they're avoiding each other so as not to fight. Yeah he's been gone since May so kind of hard to run into each other whether anything was wrong between them or not. Maybe they're simply tired of people in their business so they don't care to add fuel to the media's fire. Good god one tabloid paper says something and the others run with it like it was the gospel.

Karolayne Silva

I liked them both together, I was very sad when I heard that they had finished

nonmember avatar ianobsessed

he said she was still his girl a fan overheard him whispering it to his bodyguard after he signed her poster look her up at jess latuacantante its all over her twitter she claims she heard it then again she must have wanted twitter attention

nonmember avatar taps

Lol, they not even in the same country but maybe they didnt break up cuz US weekly's "confirmed" sources are usually lies, remember when nina was pregnant

imult... imultracool

Who the fuck are these ppl and why do they insist on talking about them every damn day?

Samir Yaici

je pense qu'il parlait de la série

Lina Bouraoui

they are not avoiding each other they are both filming in different countries

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