First Peek at Jodi Arias Movie Looks as Crazy as the Trial (VIDEO)

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If you are a young and attractive woman who commits murder, there is most definitely going to be a Lifetime movie about you. Just sayin'. So it's no shockeroo that a TV movie about Jodi Arias has been in the works for awhile and it's finally here, people! Just in case the eons-long trial -- which ended in a guilty verdict on first-degree murder -- wasn't enough Jodi for ya. Can one ever get enough Jodi, really? A clip of the movie has been released and it looks pretty hot -- except for all that murder stuff.

The movie stars Lost star Tania Raymonde (Tori Spelling apparently having failed her audition) and Jesse Lee Soffer as the doomed Mormon hottie Travis. Grab your popcorn!

In this exclusive clip, Jodi begins to get the unsettling feeling that her lover, Travis, isn't telling anyone about her and that she's just his "dirty little secret." Which, appropriately enough, happens to be the name of the movie: Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. Which is certainly better than Jodi Travis: Psychopathic Murderer.

In fact, in this scene, it seems like the movie is going to be somewhat sympathetic to Jodi. Travis is charming and affectionate -- but Jodi is clearly enraptured to an extent that he isn't, and she's beginning to feel kinda used. C'mon, we've all been there!

So she confronts him and asks, "Wait, what? I'm just your dirty little secret?" I KNOW. Sensing a theme here, right? Well, Jodi won't be anyone's secret for long.

Check out the clip. Will you watch the movie on June 22?


Image via Lifetime

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nonmember avatar MaryDtn9

JA confessed killer, convicted of Premeditated First-Degree Murder and Extreme Cruelty.
JA no longer prefers Death over Life Sentence. Wonder why? JA fears “Judgment Day”.
JA you own this; two lives lost; two families destroyed; Priceless! JA does not care!
Alexander Family files “Wrongful Death Law Suit”. To seize all JA profits from crimes.
Arizona State to retry Jodi Arias, “Penalty Phase”; Start date is July 18, 2013.
MCSO Statement: JA confined to her cell 23 hours a day. No more media nterviews.
Defense "Hail Mary": JA is “Mentally Ill” and should not be subject to the death penalty.
This complex crime, JA was convicted of, exposed JA for the macabre sane killer JA is.
JUST DO IT: No more delays. No more postponements. No more excuses, period.
Accept the outcome of this re-trial. Take a deep breath, it's over; “Done, No More JA”.
JA stated "No Jury will ever convict me". JA could not have been more wrong".
JA was convicted of "Premeditated First-Degree Murder’ and “Extreme Cruelty”.
Defense request to quit denied. JA tells jury "Your Verdicts are wrong. I am a Survivor”.
Of the 12 Jurors, eight imposed the Death Penalty and four were incapable of doing so!
JA ridicules defense, verdicts, jurors, everyone and gets a Deadlocked Jury, Outrageous!

nonmember avatar StefMom

The answer is 'no', I will not be watching it. It looks really, really cheesy, like all Lifetime productions.

Mary -- are you having a stroke? What's w/ the endless stream of sentence fragments, few of which actually say anything or complete a thought. And what's w/ all the random capitalization? Very weird. I am concerned for your health.

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