5 of Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Exes -- Aren’t You Happy They Found Each Other? (PHOTOS)

Prince William and Kate MiddletonTo say that Prince William and Kate Middleton's perfect relationship seems like the ultimate fairy tale is a total understatement. The couple, who met back in college, have been together for what feels like forever now and soon enough will be welcoming the cutest little royal bundle of joy. With all of this bliss at the palace, it's hard to think of the duo being without one another. The reality? It hasn't always been Will and Kate.

Both royals had their fair share of past romances before they committed to one another to have and to hold. I'll be honest with you guys -- a few of their exes are pretty good looking. Curious? We were too. Go on, take a look for yourself at 5 of Kate Middleton and Prince William's exes:

Can you imagine the royal couple dating anyone else?

Image via whitneyinchicago/Flickr

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nonmember avatar susan

That's not Williem Marx. I think that actually IS Bob Schieffer! LOL.

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

oh thank god lol.   i had to google him.  i kept thinking.. i know that girl has better taste than that.. the real Williem Marx is hot, not old lol.   really, would it have killed the author to put up an acutal picture of him?

Felip... FelipesMom

Oh, thanks goodness for commenters! I was really confused. Why in the world would the author put up a photo of a totally different person??

Kediset Kediset

I was confused about the Williem Marx one, despite the fact I didn't know what he even looked like... but I didn't think guys that age would be amongst others that Kate has dated. o-o

nonmember avatar nikki

Yikes. I hope the author can fix that. That's a glaring mistake. The real Williem Marx is hot!

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Glad the other posters have cleared the Wiliem Marx issue up! I was thinking "what the eff was Kate doing dating that ugly grandpa??"

nonmember avatar Kate

Their Royal Highnesses did NOT meet at college; they met at UNIVERSITY!!!

Palma Canon

make me feel mad

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