'50 Shades' Movie Rumors Heat Up With Sexy New Candidate Known for Going Shirtless (VIDEO)

anderson davisThe fact that the conservative group One Million Moms thinks Anderson Davis is too sexy for TV might bode well for Davis' chances at starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. You may know the sexy actor from the Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing ads (which are apparently too steamy for the Moms), and word on the web is that he might be perfect to play Christian Grey.

Not only does he have this widely popular Kraft ad under his belt, but he's done about 25 other national commercial campaigns, starred in a Katy Perry video, and was featured in a documentary called The Adonis Factor, which is about gay men and their pursuit of physical perfection.

But Anderson does lack something significant. Even though his abs are defined enough to win a spelling bee and his eyes are so piercing they could cut glass, he's not particularly smoldering. Or brooding. In fact, Anderson just might be too good looking to play the part.

Not that Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer aren't, but they do bring a pensiveness to the table that Anderson might not. He could, however, seriously deliver on Italian dressing recipes, which may be enough right there.

Still no date or info on when or where Fifty Shades will begin filming, but now that Anderson's allegedly in the running, something tells me the casting process will be delayed even further.

Uh, Anderson? Yeah, sorry. We're going to need you to do that shirtless scene yet again for a ninth time. Our bad, buddy.

What do you think of Anderson Davis as Christian Grey?



Photo via KraftDressing/YouTube

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peach... peachpies

No way. Besides having a nice body he does not have the right look for Christian at all. And he looks like a porn star. Henry Cavill is definitely our guy!!

Patricia Campbell

I want the new Superman! He is better looking than all of them!

Clara Tezolin

IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Tammy

Nope that won't do... Ian is top pick.. then Henry Cavilli and even Chris Pine.. Chris has pretty eyes..

Iva Wells


 or Matt that Play's Elan's Boyfriend On The Vampire Dairies

But So, FAR. For ME,



nonmember avatar jennifer w

Patricia I agree with you. Henry Cavill "man of steel" would be perfect for the role. Don't get me wrong I think Ian would work but not my first choice.

Darlene Menard

Ian all the way! He is sexy and just gorgeous!

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