Robert Pattinson Seems to Be Threatened by Kristen Stewart’s Next Movie Role

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robsten rivalsWhen we learned last week that Kristen Stewart will be starring in the Iraq war-themed movie, Camp X-Ray, we were stoked for her. It sounded like a smart career move -- a meaty, serious role for KStew. But one person is not so impressed: Supposedly, Robert Pattinson thinks Kristen is copying him. A source from his camp says, "Rob is convinced Kristen is now trying to duplicate his film choices with Camp X-Ray." What???

It just so happens that Rob has been trying to make an Iraq war movie of his own. It's called Mission Blacklist and follows a soldier's two-year hunt for Saddam Hussein. Rob was planning to start filming at the end of the year, which means not only did Kristen copy him, but her film will beat his film out of the gate. But what does he care? Is he seriously thinking, "Lady, there's only room for one Iraq war film in this here town"???

First of all, I have a hard time believing that Rob would actually be that petty. I mean, with the Dior ad about to explode and everything else he has going on, he couldn't possibly be seriously threatened by the idea of Kristen stealing his Iraq war movie thunder. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

But even if Kristen heard Rob talking about Mission Blacklist and thought to herself, "Ooh, war movie, I should totes do that, too," so what? There actually IS room enough in this town for more than one movie about the same war. It's topical. Kristen's movie will be totally different from Rob's. I think their fans will want to see both.

She could do worse than to try and copy Rob's career moves. I think he's built a bit more credibility with his post-Twilight roles than she has so far. In fact, she's probably wondering how to land her very own Cosmopolis-type role right now. But here's what no one wants: Some sort of trumped-up rivalry between Rob and Kristen. It's not a competition, you two!

Do you think Kristen really is copying Rob, or are the two movies just a coincidence?


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nonmember avatar guest

Silly rumors. I don't believe a word of it. I don't think either of them are petty. Anything but that.

nonmember avatar Guest

I sure hope not. Otherwise Jessica Chastain would be resenting Pattinson too. Than there's the perfume. Kristen's perfume with Balenciaga came out first. Its sad to say this but Rob's polish has diminished in my eyes and so I wouldn't be surprised if he is resenting her role. What happened Perry? She seems to have gone underground. Did Pattinson and her take that Bahamas trip yet?

rccola rccola

 Lets not even think about, Perry. I think she looks nasty and unclean. As far as, Robert & Kristen, are concerned, who really knows anything? Nobody, that's who. Leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Walker

Why would she be copying off of him he wanted the breah up to date other people.  Robert you don't like the results. Kristen was acting before you get a life.  What you and Katy thought everything was going to work differently you got what you ask for so get over your self.  Tell Katy she can come out of hiding.  People must be talking about her.  Katy hope you don't lose to much of the spotlight.

nonmember avatar elise

ok whys everyone hating on katy. yeah i think robs kinda being a d bag going after a friend of kristens but its no more d bagier than cuddling and kissing a married with kids! both rob and kristens biggest roles will always be twilight. lets face it theyre both average actors andthe only reason they are superstars is because of the millions of desperate housewives and tweens obsessed with twilight.

Felipe Waxx Delgado

I Think Robert Pattinson have not change his mind, About follow his father, Richard  Pattinson idea. About what girl. When he first came here he said to any one that will listing. that he came here for two  thing. To audition for the role of Edward. And to met the girl that he seen in a movie name INTO THE WILD. And that was 17, year old Kristen Stewart . And what ever you are thinking him or her. He will always love that girl. . And no other Woman  will ever will change that.He said that any one take soming from you take it back. He have poured him heart out . to to the world to his fan on YOUTUBE how  he love kristen  Stewart , But you are not listing to him .  If there was another  girls  they will not  pick on poor Katy Perry.









nonmember avatar me

her in a leading role in a serous war themed movie?? ya, def gonna skip that one... if its not an annoying sour faced antisocial role she won't be able to pull it off... in fact, i cant think of another movie she's done that actually showed any kind of talent.. her best acting job was faking an asthma attack in panic room

seely... seely1979

Are you kidding me? Kristen is twice the actor Pattinson is. There are alot of war movies. Rob is a jerk to think that she is copying him. He is not worth copying. If Kristen puts some of her hurt and pain Rob and Katy her caused her. The movie may be worth seeing. Whoever said Katy was unclean I agree. No one should take love advice from her. Katy has her own issues when it comes to love. She just wants Rob. Kristen needs to pull that knife out of her back and move on with her life.

Carol Marie

I love Rob and am one of his biggest fans, but his last 2 movies sucked big time and if he doesn't start making better movie role choices he will be out the door! When you choose a movie, is it for the content or the actors? If I know that Owen Wilson or Jen Aniston is in a movie I automatically know it won't be any good and do not go see it. Rob is soon to be on that list. He needs to make better choices or his career will be over. Twilight fame will not last forever. Kristen is in some really good movies. She's fine. I hate war movies anyway.


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