'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Costars Have Had Enough of Her

Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinAt some point, Jenelle Evans is going to realize that consistently pissing off the people closest to her is no way to get ahead in life. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. Evans has now drawn the ire of fellow Teen Mom 2 star and husband of friend Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin.

Worse? Javi is ticked off at Jenelle for doing something his wife already warned her was a big, fat no, no!

Kailyn has gotten into it with Jenelle twice in the past for sharing personal information about her on Sulia, the social media site that pays Jenelle to post about her pals. At one point Kail even threatened to block Jenelle completely.

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But that didn't stop Jenelle from sharing a photo of Kailyn's baby bump on Sulia over the weekend along with a congratulations to her and Javi. Jenelle had only compliments for Kail on the photo and expressed her excitement at seeing the little one in the future ... but the whole thing did not sit well with Javi. The father-to-be took to Twitter to blast Jenelle for doing what his wife has expressly asked her not to do:

Some things I want to stay between friends and family not for your stupid Sulia links.

You can't exactly blame the poor guy. It's one thing for the media to report this information; it's another thing for a supposed friend to share it. 

Jenelle of all people should know better. She's had close friends sell her out to the tabloids before, and she was none too happy about people making money off of her private life. Only now she's doing exactly that to people she's supposed to care about.

When is she going to learn?


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

Jenelle is about as dumb as they come and she's never gonna change. If Kail and all the other girls don't want her posting certain things, they should stop sharing with her. Jenelle doesn't give a shit who she hurts or pisses off. She's totally useless as a friend, mother, daughter, human being.

Smile... SmileJustSmile

You know at first I felt sorry for Jenelle. I thought aww poor jenelle always catches the dirty end of the stick so much. But then I started following her on facebook. She needs help and needs to back farrrrrrrrrr away from any social sites. She may have meant well but once again she just ended up putting her nose into something that didn't concern her and making herself look dumb.going crazy

Amy Adams

She will say and do anything for money. She is trash.

Ashley Ann Marie

If she hasn't learned now, she never will. If they do another season of Teen Mom, I hope they do not renew Jenelle's contract

Jai Hutto

She's never going to learn because the asshats at MTV are still paying her to be a drug addicted slut bag, sorry excuse for a mother....and I use the term "mother" LIGHTLY.

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