'Teen Mom' Stars' Diva Behavior Is Out of Control

Leah Messer Calvert Jeremy CalvertWhether you think Teen Mom has glamorized teen pregnancy or not, there's one thing we can all agree on: MTV has made the stars of its reality series famous. And it seems that fame has gone straight to the heads of Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer Calvert and husband Jeremy Calvert. The duo's diva behavior has started to spin out of control.

They complain. About. EVERYTHING.

The latest?

Jeremy launched into a Twitter tirade against car rental company Hertz and its customer service. He says he'll never rent from them again, but he made sure to follow them on Twitter ... no doubt hoping that they'll private message him a response.

Or as some fans pointed out, some freebies?

Granted, Calvert is hardly the first to complain about a company on Twitter. More than a few news stories of corporate apologies started on the social media platform.

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This would be less news and more "so what" if it weren't for the long history of fist-shaking and righteous indignation that follows this celebrity couple. Neither Jeremy nor Leah is exactly new to blasting folks on Twitter.

Just a few weeks ago, the father of little Adalynn and stepfather of Leah's twins went postal on Ashley Furniture Home Store in a tweet that got plenty of press for its revelation that MTV cameras were supposed to film the couple's bed purchase.

Last week it was Leah complaining about "rude" employees at the Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia. And a few weeks prior to that, she had some choice words for folks in the nursing profession.

Are you sensing a pattern here, folks?

This couple is NEVER happy with anything, and they make sure everyone knows exactly how they feel about it. Their celebrity just feeds right into it with their fans backing them up and feeding their egos ... which can only make the diva behavior worse!

Do you think Jeremy and Leah were like this before the cameras showed up?


Image via MTV

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hexxuss hexxuss

How old do they have to be before they're too old to spank again? Cuz BOTH of those kids need one!!!  Spoilt rotten brats is all I read in that article.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I dont care...shes always annoyed me.

nonmember avatar kaerae

We've met Leah's folks, I don't think she was raised like that. Fame does crazy things to people, and with an internet full of panting sycophants, it's not likely to change.

Felly... FellyScarlett

When you hate your life you tend to take it out on others.

keelh... keelhaulrose

Okay, the nurses thing gets under my skin. People expect nurses to be happy all the time, same with teachers/day care workers. They're human, too. Humans who work exhausting, often thankless and disgusting job. Things happen to effect them. My mom was a nurse who worked in the ICU. She once had three good patients she truly cared for die on her shift. Even one would have devastated her, she always hoped no one going into her floor would leave in a body bag, to have three in one night was awful for her and the other nurses. No one felt like being cheerful that day. They faked as much as they could, but it's not hard to tell when someone is just putting on a show. There was a story she told me of a nurse learning her mother had passed with two hours left in her shift, but because they were already sort staffed the woman had to keep working another hour until a replacement came in. Imagine trying to be bubbly after that, even if it's for the sake of the patient. Other professions are allowed to have bad days, some are downright expected to be surly and rude. We should remember that nurses and teachers are just like us, they have bad days they must cope with.

happi... happinessforyou

When we notice behavior like this, and reward it, we deserve what happens after that. Teen pregnancy shows are one of the worst ideas ever. How about a giving kids that do amazing, wonderful things a shot at being a "reality star"?

Karen Dowling-Barth

Because they have probably gotten rewarded by acting this way.  They complain and the company kisses their butts to make it right.  They are ungrateful and think they are some big stars when they are not.  Just look at "has been" teen mom Farrah doing everything she can to try and extend her 15  minutes of fame (even to the point of doing porn).

nonmember avatar Jenn

Um, I think you are being a bit dramatic. Good corporate loyalty is hard to find these days because customer service sucks. Three complaints in a year on social media? I pew pew that! And I hope you don't follow me. That's ALL I do!

Dana Gibson

I remember the comment about nurses and I FLIPPED THE F OUT..... my hubs is a nurse and she has no clue about the medical industry........she better watch what they put out there on social media!

Brianna Brock

don't know if they acted like this before cameras showed up because no one knows about their behavior before cameras but more than likely acting like this because they're use to the money to be honest the shit is pathetic everyone talking about how they're trying to stay famous after the show well hell if the shit wasn't posted about every damn thing they do or say on social networks or to magazines etc they wouldn't still be famous but everyone needs something to talk about why not let them be the head target

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