'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Bill Is Psycho, Alcide Is in the Buff & Eric Is the Sweetest Thing Ever


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It's on, y'all!!! True Blood is back, back, back -- and somehow, even though season 6 spoilers have been spilling steadily since the second season 5 ended, tonight's premiere still somehow managed to be packed with surprises: Some were sexy, others were scary, still others were silly ... still OTHERS left us stumped!

Here are some of the most -- and least -- surprising moments from True Blood season 6 premiere, "Who Are You, Really?"

Not surprising:

We knew Luna was going to die. Totally sad, but ... it's not like Sam is allowed to be happy. Ever. Sigh.

Not surprising:

We knew Eric would try to save Sookie from psycho Billith. Cause he's Eric Effing Northman!!


We didn't know Sookie would stake Bill trying to save Eric. Damn, girl!! Best Sookie moment ever, hands down.

Not surprising:

We knew Tara and Pam would have a lovers' quarrel. Because bitches be cray.


We didn't know Jessica would side with Bill over Sookie! Sure, Bill is Jessica's maker, but the ginger baby vamp is usually so into the whole BFF slumber party vibe ...

Not surprising:

We knew Eric would make our hearts skip many a beat. How 'bout the part when he told Sookie that to him, she'd always be "that girl in a white dress who walked into my bar"? Swoooon!


We didn't know Alcide would gnaw on some guy's dismembered arm -- or have a threesome! (We did know his nekkid ass was all manner of smokin' hot, however.)

Did you watch True Blood tonight?

What was the most surprising moment of the True Blood season 6 premiere for you?


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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

The staking of Bill... and the fact he just pulled it right out and kept on going. Definitely wasn't expecting that!

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